TIP042 Johnny Trotter

Inspired by the Techno scene of the 90’s Johnny began collecting vinyl in 97 shortly after this his first gig came along when he was asked to play at an outdoor after party.

This lead to his first club appearance with Pulsar a House and Techno night which he ended up playing at for 3 years. During his time at Pulsar he also became involved in organizing other club nights and pirate radio.

In 2002 he took a break from music to studying Product Design. After finishing his studies in 2007 and returned to music.

He was introduced to ableton in 07 but it was 2009 before he began producing his own tracks. After posting the tracks on the Internet he was approached by label boss Jose Castillero to remix a track called “Belle Epoque”. The remix was released on Jose’s label “Technologika” in march 2011 and got support from John Selway, Paul Van Dyk, Dave the Drummer, Lars Klein, Carl Falk, Subforce and Wally Stryk. The track charted at No.6 on DJ Tunes.
During the rest of 2011 Johnny released 12 more tracks and played in clubs and festivals in Ireland and the UK.

Johnny continued in 2013 with the release of ”Logo Bongo” which got massive support form Dubfire in his shows and charted at No.5 on satellite records. Other releases which followed such as “Sepulcro” a remix for Rodd&Knox got support form Richie Hawtin and Marco Carola. His next release the “Yukatan EP” a collab with Chris Distefano on “Moxi Rec” was well received by DJ Chus, Erick Morillo, Slam, Umek, Omid 16B and Luciano.

Future plans include releases on a new labels and his first releases under his new alias Don’t Robot.

10 DJ questions

What was your first ever record?
I can’t say exactly but some of the first records I bought were The Advent – New Beginnings, Daft Punk – homework and Emmanuel Top on Attack records.

Who were your Heroes and Influences growing up? The Advent, Richie hawtin, John Acquaviva, Jeff Mills, Robert Hood, Surgeon, Dave Angel, Baby Ford, Luke Slater, Underworld, C. J. Bolland, LFO.

Which came first DJing or Producing?
DJing came first, production came much later after been introduced to ableton in 07.

What’s the story behind this mix?
I approached the mix as I would with any of my mixing it has to have a start middle and end. The music I have selected reflects what im currently playing in my sets and also includes promos some of my own productions which will be released soon.

Whats the home studio set up like?
My studio set up: KRK’s, Axiom 25 keyboard, Maschine, vestax vcm 600 which I also use for DJing and for software I use Ableton Suite with plugins such as ms-20, strobe, massive, sylenth1, Ozone etc.

Any future plans you would like to share?
Future plans include new productions for my alias release dates very soon.

What’s your take on the Analogue vs Digital debate?
I have always been a fan of Analog but with the improvements in digital synths its down to the user which one they prefer. There is also the element of cost, choice and availability of the sounds you’re looking for.

Are there any producers/labels you always go to for new material?
I don’t really have any producers or labels I stick to I enjoy looking for new music. I would gladly sit down all day listening to new music.

What’s your dream DJ gig?
When I started DJing I want to play clubs & festivals and I have been doing so in Ireland and I’ve also played in the UK. So I guess more festivals and clubs around Europe is the plan, top of my list would have to be Ibiza.

1. Sergio Fernandez_Clicks N Stuff_Original Mix_Blackflag Recordings
2. Bimas_Post The Music_Original Mix_Desolat
3. Bimas_Never Say Goodbye_Original Mix_Desolat
4. Francisco Allendes_Bimas_Corrupt_Artslaves Remix_Moan Rec
5. Massimo Cassini_Marco Veronese_Slavine_Artslaves Remix_Medicine Musique
6. Oliver_Knight__Hugo_Jones__Diavlo_-_Vertigo_(Original_Mix)_Maquina Promo
7. Luktek_-_Timbae__Original_Mix__-_Animals_Muziq_Recordings
8. Pigeon_Busters_-_Monkey_Techno_(Original_Mix)_Maquina Promo
9. Lauren_Benavente_-_Constancia__Original_Mix__-_Animals_Muziq_Recordings
10. Luktek_-_Everything__Original_Mix__-_Animals_Muziq_Recordings
11. Johnny Trotter // aka_Dont Robot_Ho_Original Mix. Unreleased
12. Mr_Wox_-_Drug_Funny__Gregor_Heat_Remix__-_Click_muziq_Recordings
13. Digital Mess_Open The Box_Original_Bedrock
14. Dusky_Calling Me_Original Mix_ School Records
15. Johnny Trotter // aka_Dont Robot_Call_Original Mix.
16. Darlyn Vlys_Kiss Kiss_Original Mix_Kling Klong
17. Johnny Trotter // aka_Dont Robot_Under_Original Mix. Unreleased
18. Fallout Shelter _ Dreams of a Better Hell_Original Mix_ Promo.
19. Johnny Trotter // aka_Dont Robot_Output_Original Mix. Unreleased
20. Johnny Trotter // aka_Dont Robot_Under_Original Mix. Unreleased
21. Johnny Trotter // aka_Dont Robot – Kuiperbelt – (Original Mix). Unreleased