TIP043 Patrize

Native Belgium DJ, PatriZe always he knew music would be part of his life. At a young age he bought his first turntables and and quickly grew into the harder sound of Trance and Techno. Over time, his passion grew into the melodic and intelligent sounds of Progressive House.

After years of playing throughout the Belgian scene, his breakthrough was in 2010 with Pole Folder of Bedrock Records / Rework, along with winning the respected Nightwork DJ competition, warming up for progressive luminary, Guy J.
PatriZe’s devotion to hone his craft, has earned him a reputation of seamless transitions, track selection, melodic layers with a touch tech undertones. Currently PatriZe resides in Thailand where he broadcasts his renowned Asian Revelations Series with guest appearances on several global radio shows.

Gigs & residencies:
– NightMusem, Kursaal Dunkerque (France)
– Rave, Johannesburg (South Africa)
– XXO Beach Club, Pattaya (Thailand)
– Ibiza Wine & Lounge Bar, Pattaya (Thailand)
– Pullman resort Beach club, Pattaya (Thailand)
– 2Faces, Pattaya (Thailand)
– B4 Afterclub, Pattaya (Thailand)
– New Years Beach Party, Pattaya (Thailand)
– The Zoo, Hasselt (Belgium)
– Beli Bar, Brussels (Belgium)
– KultuurKaffee, Brussels (Belgium)
– The Groove Afterclub, Halle (Belgium)
– The Club, Halle (Belgium)
– The Pole, Huizingen (Belgium)
– White House, Affligem (Belgium)
– The Lounge, Affligem (Belgium)
– Extreme, Affligem (Belgium)
– Disco Factory, Brussels (Belgium)
– The Wax Club, Brussels (Belgium)

Current radioshows:
– “Foundations” on InsomniaFM (Romania) / Every 3rd Friday of the month at 17:00 CET
– “Pieces of the Puzzle” on Tenzi FM (India) / Every Thursday at 13:30 CET (18:00 IST)
– “Memento” on Tunnel FM (Sweden) / Every 3rd Sunday of the month at 23:00 CET
– “After Hours” on The Movement FM (India) / Every Saturday at 20:30 CET ( Sunday 01:00 IST)
– “Asian Revelations” on Bhot Radio (Belgium) / Every Saturday at 17:00 CET
– guestmixes on Xelestia (Mexico), Patagonia88 (Argentina), Soul-Radio (Ibiza), Innervisions (UK), Audio-One (UK)

10 DJ questions

What was your first ever record?
I bought a few records at the first time, but the most important was from the British / Belgian producer CJ Bolland called The Starship Universe 10″ EP on the Internal label. The release was limited to 5000 copies and each copy had a serial number at the front side of the cover. But that number I can’t remember :)

Who were your Heroes and Influences growing up?
Sasha & Digweed are my heroes. Musically speaken I have many others, like Kurt Cobain, Metallica, Kate Bush, Bob Marley,… A wide range of different styles of music

Which came first DJing or Producing?
DJing came first. With 2 cassette decks and the volume buttons I made my first mixes. Then I bought a portable CD player and small mixer and used the CD player from my parents to make some demo tapes. Beatmixing wasn’t so easy, hahaha. But after that, it didn’t take long before I had my first pair of JB Systems turntables with pitch. After came producing, I had some unfinished tracks before my PC crashed. Now I need to pick it up again.

Whats the story behind this mix?
There were a few tracks that I really wanted to play in this mix, so I started with some deep progressive house to build up to techy progressive house. As DJ it’s just a feeling, I’m curious how the listeners will react and comment.

Whats the home studio set up like?
For the moment it is 2 x Pioneer CDJ 900 and DJM 900 mixer.

Any future plans you would like to share?
Like I mentioned before, picking up producing again.

Whats your take on the Analogue vs Digital debate?
I loved to play with vinyl and was a big collector too. Going to the record shop was a holy day for me. But at the other side, we have to go with the evolution of equipment and surely trying it out. Not many people would say this, but there is also the financial side. You can buy 10 MP3’s for the price of 1 vinyl record. But at the end, analogue or digital, it doesn’t matter as long as the music is good.

Are there any producers/labels you always go to for new material?
That’s an easy question, but with a long answer (if I want, haha). I have many artists and labels I follow. I will give a few names, as artists, Deepfunk, Luis Bondio, Guy Mantzur, Guy J, Beat Syndrome, Hernan Cattaneo, Eelke Kleijn,…
As labels, Sound Avenue, Outside the box, 3rd Avenue, Dopamine, Sudbeat, Hope, Bedrock, Lost & Found and many, many more.

What makes them special to you?
I like to hear and play their sounds. The productions are always different and interesting to explore.

Whats your dream DJ gig?
My dream gig would be at Kazantip in Ukraine. But other major festivals, WMC Miami or Ibiza would make me very happy too.

1. Ilya Malyuev feat. Var Vara – Radio Towers (Ormatie Mix) < Festival Lounge Limited >
2. Hells Kitchen – Poet (Micrologue Remix) < L3D Music >
3. Matias Chilano – Aura (Namatjira Remix) < 3rd Avenue >
4. Birkenmeier – Welfare (Namatjira Remix) < Subwoofer >
5. Beat Syndrome – Fallen (Original Mix) < Agara Music >
6. Beat Syndrome – Ceylon (Original Mix) < Balkan Connection >
7. Namatjira – Ethos (Original Mix) < Spring Tube Limited >
8. Navar – Fragma (Original Mix) < Outside the Box >
9. Guy Gerber feat. Jaw – Steady (Matias Chilano Remix) < White >
10. Marcelo Paladini – Muddy Watters (Original Mix) < Decadence >
11. Louis Kolben – Don’t Lose Your Way (One Opinion Remix) < Outside the Box >
12. Nikko.Z – Crying (6AM Mix) < Dopamine >
13. Antrim – Life To Peace (Van Bellen Mix) < Sound Avenue >
14. Arnim – Late Night (Vocal Mix) < Crossfade Sounds >
15. Dio S – To The Point (Original Mix) < Stellar Fountain Deep >
16. DNYO – Roots (Sezer Uysal ‘3AM’ Mix) < Proton >
17. Eyal Cohen – People And Mess (Kobb Remix) < Dopamine >
18. Santiago Garcia feat Amber Long – Stunning (MUUI Remix) < Flow >
19. Future Motions feat. Leo Savan – The Way You Look (Beat Syndrome Remix) < Sound Avenue >
20. John Drummer – End (Eze Ramirez Remix) < TRR >
21. AMAN – Cloud Patterns (Beat Syndrome Remix) < Soundteller >