TIP045 Wayne Smith

Preferring to shy away from the epically penned bios by PR interns or party promoters, Wayne is a DJ who would much rather let his music do the talking. That said, he’s also rather polite and believes in proper introductions. So allow us to introduce you both.

Hailing from Brisbane, Australia, which is probably better known for brewing XXXX Bitter and Expo 88 (no? ok.. it’s like a big world fair with a Platypus as their mascot) Wayne’s early days scan Like the ubiquitous DJ bio. So let’s fast forward.

15 years on and now based in London, Wayne’s distinct sound has seen him play everywhere from the back rooms of Brixton and main rooms at some of East London’s most infamous parties to festivals in Croatia and even London’s National Portrait Gallery.

Whether it’s on warm up duties for the likes of Steve Bug, Manik, Ralph Lawson, Chez Damier, Dyed Soundorum, Vincenzo, et al….. or at the afters, Wayne’s sets area varied and surprising ride through warm deep spells of melodic house that end up somewhere between tougher tech or techno with a heart and soul.

With his ‘If you like it, then it’s good’ approach to playing out, you can expect a bit of everything.

10 DJ questions

What was your first ever record?
The Goodmen Give it Up. FFRR

Who were your Heroes and Influences growing up?
Way too many but they come from all kinds of places, musicians, artists, writers and just everyday people in my life. I remember after playing a gig Chez Damier was also playing and he said something to me that really stuck. So Cheers to Chez.

Which came first DJing or Producing?
DJing. That’s all.

Whats the story behind this mix?
Rather than go on an avant-garde sonic odyssey, I just wanted to play and share some of the songs I love right now while giving a nod to some producers I respect.

Whats the home studio set up like?
Have an amazing Dolby 5.1 studio at work. Which I don’t know how to use. Home is for mixing and listening to music.

Any future plans you would like to share?

Whats your take on the Analogue vs Digital debate?
Each to their own but I’m buying more 12″ these days. I’ve also just invested some much needed time and money my into 1200s. They’ve travelled with me all over the world. I stripped them and pimped them from the ground up. Pearl white powder coat faceplates with blue LEDs in place of the originals and installed MK5 pitch fader which i modded myself. Everything is like new

Are there any producers/labels you always go to for new material?
I find that by not following any 1 style, sound or producer I find the best stuff.
But for the purpose of calling out some people and labels of note it would have to be Boris Werner, Lauhaus and his Soweso label, Julien Chaptal, Apolonia, Chris Carrier, Robsoul, Nail, Jamie Trench, Ralph Lawson and 20:20Vision, Christian Burckhardt, Lee Burridge, Ewan Pearson, Sasse, Kris Wadsworth, Latecomer and the list goes on and on..

What makes them special to you?
Aside from their music, the ones I’ve had the privilege of meeting and playing for are genuinely nice human begins. It just so happens they are also at top of their game and passionate about music.

Whats your dream DJ gig?
That’s a work in progress but i’ve had plenty of memorable ones already and been able to share them with people.

1. Warnin (original mix)- Moodymann. ABCD
2. The Magic Carpet (Fish Go Deep Dub)- Latecomer. Trendy Mullet
3. They Saw You (Ilario Liburni Remix)- Santos. Snatch! Records
4. Mindgames (Original Mix)- Martin Patino. Suara
5. Dancing in Outer Space (The Revenge Rework 2)- Atmosfear. Get Physical Music
6. Esnesnon (Original Mix)- ICS. Jargon
7. Elephants On A String- Julien Chaptal. Intacto
8. Maccaja (Stojche Remix)- Lula Circus. Back and Forth
9. Destinator (Original Mix)- Jason Lanox. Henk Recordings
10. The Corridor (Original Mix)- Julian Perez. Act Natural Records
11. Can’t Leave (Original Mix)-Pele, Shawnecy. Cocoon Recordings
12. My City- Stojche. Liebe Detail
13. Molly Brown (Original Mix)- Tigerskin, Till Von Sein. Dirt Crew Recordings
14. Old Town (Original Mix)- Toni Moreno, 2Vilas. Anhura Records
15. Reto Ardour – Bonfire (Matthias Meyer Remix) – Voltaire Music
16. Retrospective-Loopsize Cecille Numbers
17. Sit On My Joint (Tigerskin Remix)- Tigerskin, Sven Dohse. Prestige Weltweit
18. Ghoulish (Oneauff Remix)- Maxime & Remain. Throne Of Blood
19. Man from venice (original mix)- Kasper Bjorke . Darkbeat Recordings
20. Kinds Of People (Original Mix)- Jay Shepheard, Martin Dawson. Retrofit
21. Arquipelago- Gui Boratto. Kompakt
22. Droppin’ (Original Mix)- Denney. Get Twisted Records