TIP049 Sean McClellan

Sean McClellan is no stranger to the dance music industry; he has been respectively DJing for the last 20 years. Sean is known for his eclectic mixing, long overlays and smooth transitions. As a DJ for the past 20 years, he has gained respect and recognition for his technical abilities and musical intuition. As a student of sound, Sean pursued classical training playing the trumpet in both symphonic and marching band, but found his passion in deep, emotional, house music.
Sean released his first debut album on Source of Gravity in the fall of 2010 receiving massive support from industry professionals! Sean has also been busy on the remix tip with a slew of releases coming out on labels such as Stripped Recordings, Baroque, Festival Lounge Recordings, Elliptical Sun Recordings, Mystique Music Group, Evoked, Polytechnic Recordings and 7 Seas Recordings.
Sean has recently teamed up with production partner and lifelong friend Chad McNeely to form Moonchine. Moonchine has seen great support from the dance music community and has had a number one spot on the my promo pool charts for their remix efforts on a track by Andy Newland and Oscitone called Geranium. Sean has also been working with Keven “Kev Kev” Lenhart to from the group Heads Down Music. They have just been signed to Baroque Records and Evoked Music.
Sean has been working relentlessly, and his productions are starting to take shape and dynamic. He has more than 75 releases on Beatport touching over seven continents and shows no sign of slowing down anytime soon. The future is bright for the dance music veteran and he is starting to reinvent himself to create genre defying sounds that will surely appeal to any EDM fanatic!

What was your first ever record?
If it were just ever, then Im fairly certain I purchased a 45 called Kenny Loggins – Footloose from when I was a kid. If we are talking when I was introduced to DJ culture, my first record was Hyper on Experience EP on Suburban Shadows.

Who were your Heroes and Influences growing up?
My heroes would absolutely be my parents. They are the ones who are responsible for me being here and giving me the tools I need to get through this thing called life. There were a lot of influential people in my life throughout the course of me getting into music, and I’m happy to have made some great friends through the love of this music.

Which came first DJing or Producing?
DJing came first and I started producing in order to make myself more marketable and set myself apart from those who chose only to dj. I think its essential to understand the fundamentals of djing and mixing other peoples music before you start your own adventures in sound.

Whats the story behind this mix?
Well, its funny you should ask, but a really good friend of mine is headed to Seattle to catch up with some old school friends and asked me to make something for their head. I tried to keep that in mind with my track selection and the overall progression of the mix to tell a solid story captivating all of musical senses.

Whats the home studio set up like?
Studio is fairly simple pc based. I have two KRK Pro Series Monitors for my production set up. I use a lot of Native Instruments stuff and the Waves Mercury Bundle. Minimoog gets a good workout in the studio as well along with Sylenth.

Any future plans you would like to share?
Just to keep making music that makes people smile!

Whats your take on the Analogue vs Digital debate?
I think they both have their own strengths and weaknesses. It really comes down to the person using the gear, their knowledge of music theory and how to apply the tools that they are given.

Are there any producers/labels you always go to for new material?
I know that Suara is blowing up right now so I try to follow the artists on that label to see what’s up.

What makes them special to you?
Just the overall playability and production that goes into them.

Whats your dream DJ gig?
Any gig where the people you are playing for get what you are trying to do, and allowing you to do it.

01// Feel – The Same [CDR]
02// Pedro Martin – Underside [Techsoul]
03// Phonic Lab –Beautiful [Oh! Records]
04// John Stoongard – Sampling In House (Mihai Popoviciu Space Dub) [One to One Records]
05// David Amo Julio Navas & Robert Gaez – This Is True House [DJ Center Records]
06// Loko – Johnny Eres Tu [Minimo Records]
07// Hollen – Flopper [Suara]
08// Loko- Ximprezor (Hollen Remix) [Natura Viva]
09// David Herrero – Together (Hollen Remix) [Get Funky Music]
10// Dusky – Calling You [School Records]
11// Arnim – Bubbling [Baroque Digital]