TIP054 Thorsten Last

With a diverse musical background ranging from playing jazz/soul saxophone at an early age, mixing old school hip hop records, right up to touring Australia as part of live drum & bass outfit, Paralize, through to Poser Deluxe, famous in his native Germany for their electro beats; Hamburg born Thorsten Last has walked a colourful path across all spectrums of beat, harmony and melody, before finding his true niche as a creator. Fresh out of the School of Audio Engineering and shortly after stint as a teacher at the acclaimed Vibra DJ School. Thorsten was inspired by the house music he heard and loved while clubbing, so in 2011 he launched Audiocircus, a monthly deep house and techno night at Purgatory, Hamburg, and the night continues to grow in popularity across Germany. Thorsten’s second release on Chromoza is Forget About Morality EP. The title track, featuring the honeyed vocal delights of Pony Totts, is a soul drenched, heartfelt lyric of what it feels like to leave your cares of the working week behind and let the unpredictability of the night ahead sweep you up and away from the drudgery of the norm; and simply forget, about morality. Featuring live guitar and bass from Florian Seyfarth, the pop infused nu disco original is set to be a radio hit for the end of the summer. Included is Springtime feat Sirin, plus remixes of Forget About Morality by DRW (Jezebel/ Loft Brothers), Midnight Arcade, and Elektromekanik. Thorsten’s tracks on Chromoza have received support from DJ’s Sophie Lloyd (Jezebel/Bestival)Conti (Lovetec/Pacha), and Guy Williams (Paradise 45/ Lovebox/We Love Space)alongside spins from Alex Kentucky on Ibiza Global Radio and Deep Vibes Radio UK.