TIP060 Kosey

“This is my style, this is who I am, I can’t please the world I can only please myself” Steve Bug

These words flow deep within the veins of Kosey; a young, fresh up and coming talent with no limits to his ambition. Many artists today are quick to jump onto the bandwagon, try to be the next big thing and in doing so, lose all sight as to what they stand for. Kosey represents a distinction within a saturated market, one that cannot be emulated.

The feeling that Kosey gets when he is given the opportunity to perform is indescribable, nothing can match it. The chance to express himself and to build a connection with an audience who also share the same passion for the music he loves, is what he has been dreaming of for a very long time. Stood in a booth overlooking hundreds of people is where Kosey belongs, yet he always feels at one with the crowd. “Seeing and hearing appreciation for something you’ve worked so hard on is an addiction;” an addiction that has helped him to excel in a very short space of time.

“If you focus you can see the speaker pulsate, 30 hertz to your chest to increase your pulse rate…”

These words bring memories flooding back for Kosey. A trip down to Cable nightclub for Shogun Audio is where his love for electronic music began. Dressed in a pink shirt and smart shoes, he was completely unaware of the experience he was just about to have. He instantly grew attached to the euphoric atmosphere generated by the crowd and the feeling of total awe for the music being played; something that was worlds apart from anything he had experienced before. No more nights at Oceana, his dream of becoming a DJ was born. Artists such as Friction, Alix Perez and Icicle were his icons, producing some of his favourite beats such as ‘Behind Time’, ‘Overtime’ and of course ‘Dreadnaught.’

A massive development in Kosey’s life was moving to Manchester to attend university. He cannot speak highly enough of this great city; a city where music is its heart beat. Time spent partying aided his development; and it was during this time that he discovered REAL House music. After only hearing the commercial side of the genre before, the sound of Deep House was completely unrecognisable. Artists such as Steve Bug, Jesse Perez, Burnski and Subb-an were hugely influential and provided the inspiration for an evolution of style.

Kosey is an utter perfectionist and intricately plans his sets. Every mix and every drop is an attempt to take the crowd on his journey. He places great emphasis on tune selection. A mixture of Garage, Deep and Upbeat House generates his distinctive sound. Although he has only been mixing since the summer of 2012, have no doubt in his ability. A huge passion for his craft has caused him to thrive, creating a unique image in the generic market. In this short time, his hard work allied with his vibrant personality has seen him claim prime slots in the main rooms of clubs such as Sankeys, Gorilla, Sound Control, South and Williamson tunnels as well as becoming quick to secure residencies in both Liverpool and Manchester.

“Koming up…”

“Looking to be solidified as one of the best; one that was different, one that was ground breaking…” Steve Bug

Kosey has just recently started to produce; a step that he hopes will take him closer to his dream. He is extremely excited to put forward his own ideas into creating a sound that is not only true to him, but represents the underground scene that he lives for. He craves the overwhelming satisfaction that must be felt upon seeing appreciation for one of his own creations. He is highly motivated to imprint his persona into an industry that is crying out for individuality. The exclusive feel that he captures in his sets will be mirrored by his music. There’s a lot more to come from this aspiring DJ.

“It’s all about the music and always will be…” Kosey

01// James Grant & Andrew Bayer – Living [Anjunadeep]
02// Alfred Taylor – Kuza [Anjunadeep]
03// James Dexter – True [Lost My Dog]
04// Yves Muraca – Happy (Karol XVII & MB Valence Loco Dub) [Milk & Sugar]
05// A Lister- Your Soul [Orange Groove records]
06// PANOS & SENTENZA – French 75 Feat. J.EXPO (Leftwing & Kody remix) [Off Recordings]
07// Dale Howard – La Maison [Starlight]
08// Feft – Keys [Unreleased]
09// Dale Howard – Dropout [Starlight]
10// Hector Couto & Darius Syrossian – Can you feel it [Hot Creations]
11// Rhythm Operator – Anytime [Needwant]
12// Dean Bailey – Dance with me (Feft remix) [Sequential Records]
13// Cajmere & Dyed Soundorom – 1+1=1 [Cajual Records]
14// Ejeca – Home [2020Vision]
15// Ejeca – Rosario [LOFT Records]
17// Dale Howard – In Out [Local Talk]
18// Ben Pearce – What I Might Do (Harry Wolfman remix) [MTA Records]
19// Hector Couto – Changes [Brise Records]
20// Hector Couto – Love me [Brise Records]
21// Dale Howard – Slot 47 [NOIR MUSIC 2]
22// Jakobin & Domino – Absolem (Dale HHHHHHHhjuvbbevjsHoward remix) [Large Music]
23// James Dexter – System Check [Lost My Dog]
24// Coat Of Arms – Mesmerised Feat. Ria Moran [Gruuv]