TIP063 Paper Samurai

Artists like Jean-Michel Jarre, Vangelis, Pink Floyd, Stevie Wonder, Neil Diamond and Queen were atypical family listening. Marcus Wortley aka Paper Samurai was also classically trained on the Piano at age 6. An avid Sci-fi and cinema fan to this day Giorgio Moroder, John Barry, James Horner, John Williams, Hans Zimmer, Bear Mccreary and Ennio Morricone are also strong influences. Later the sounds churning out of Sheffield’s pirate radio and Warp records had a deep impact. It was only through a chance meeting then later friendship at collage in N Wales with the sister of probably the most famous DJ in the world that he was introduced to the sounds of Progressive House, which were to dictate his musical direction in life and music. A pivotal moment in his life was hearing the Future Sounds Of London’s Essential Mix on Radio 1 in 1993, their cutting edge use of the Internet and sampling films as a ‘Studio DJ Set’ while combining their own productions blew him away and he decided that he wanted to pursue music as a career. He later read for an HND in Music Production and continues to this day to learn all he can about audio and music. In late 2004 he again followed in Sasha’s groundbreaking footsteps, as one of the few digital DJ’s to embrace Ableton Live 3 as a DJ tool. A combination of his past work as the Editor of AbletonLiveDJ offering support to other Artists + DJ’s & through his association with VJ SteveG & Digital Society’s Paul Pearson and their ground breaking audio-visual night ‘Future’ in Sheffield, Wortley was selected by PioneerProDJ to beta test and promote the DJM800 hybrid mixer alongside James Zabiela on the DJsounds website. He also caught the attention of several other companies at this time such as Ableton themselves & Focusrite/Novation beta testing and creating some of the first “Automap’ Ableton DJ templates for the Remote SL. Working with Jonathan Lisle in 2006 on his ‘Prohibition’ compilation he caught the attention of Nascent and Critical Rhythm. Sadly Nascent folded in 2006 and the Engineering and Editing done on Jonathan’s comp was re-shuffled into the DJ magazine ‘The art of modern mixing’ CD along with the accompanying article. Disc 2 of ‘Prohibition’ was then used as a DJ Mix on John Digweed’s Transitions radio show on Proton Radio and Kiss FM. Both were very well received and critically acclaimed by fans and listeners. With Nascent folding in late 06, Wortley never got the chance to work with Trafik on ‘Thinking Out Loud 3’.
Paper Samurai has supported many artists and acts live and via his radio show, such as Ryan Gibson, Bobby Deep, DJ Tarkan, Derek Howell, Max Graham, Moshic, Omid 16B, Faskil, Ingo Vogelmann, V-Sag, Dan Tait, Addictive TV, Ben Lost, Phil Moonface Thomson, Scott Bond, Rik Parkinson & Charles Kriel. 
More recently since returning back to music after sabbatical the Shogun has been asked to join the ranks of Thisisprogressive so expect new exclusive mix and content in the coming months!

01// Mlab/Banco De Gaia/Ennio Morricone – Acquiescence Shuddered By Cockney in The Dark (Paper Samurai Bootleg) [Artist]
02// John Barry, Wagon Christ, Akabu & Andre Lodemann – 007 Counting Shadows In Another World (David West Mashup) [Artist]
03// Robert Babicz – Purple Dance (Original Mix) [Treibstoff]
04// Namatjira – Momota (Original Mix) [Spring Tube Limited]
05// Lautaro Varela – The Lonely Forest (Original Mix) [3rd Avenue]
06// Tvardovsky – Alone Man (Fefo Remix) [99percentrecordings]
07// 16 Bit Lolitas – Energy Ink (Original Mix) [Artist]
08// The Doors – The Wasp (Lautaro Varela Bootleg) [Artist]
09// Steve McGrath – Native (Original Mix) [Lynx Records]
10// Lady M – On The Wind (Original Mix) [Triplefire Music]
11// Alan Live – Hoizon (Original Mix) [Looq Records]
12// Derek Howell feat. Mz Sunday Luv – Here We Go Again [Baires Records]
13// Luke Chable presents LOKII – Ghost In The Machine [Mesmeric Records]
14// Fulvio Perniola – Equilibrium (Original) [Pro-B-Tech Records]
15// Andre Sobota – Futura (Original Mix) [Konstrukt]
16// Angel Echoes (James Lavelle and Charlie May Re Edit) [Artist]
17// Ri9or – Plunging Into Top (Original Mix) [Stellar Fountain]
18// Andrew Mcdonnell – Train To Motoyawata (Original Mix) [Particles]
19// Dibby Dougherty & David Young – The Swan (Original Mix) [Sudbeat]
20// Loquai – Beast (Ewan Rill Remix) [Stellar Fountain]
21// Faskil – Change (Original Mix) [Spring Tube Limited]
22// Francesco Pico feat. Royal Sapien – You Changed My Way (Dousk remix) [Manual Music]