TIP094 – LSB

LSB is Luke Beavon, a Drum n Bass DJ and producer from London, UK. LSB began to make a name for himself in the DnB scene as promoter and resident of the infamous ‘Bounce’ events in Norwich. LSB (and promotion partner N3gus) ran Bounce for three years bringing a huge array of diverse artists to the events. Legend has it that the Bounce 3rd birthday party was so loud, the ceiling collapsed at the bowling alley underneath the club!

A formidable DJ, LSB likes to champion the sounds of new artists as well as delving deep in to the record box for select classics. Since 2006, LSB has focussed his attentions to his own music and has been steadily making a name for himself as an artist. LSB signed his first tune to Zinc’s Bingo label in 2007 and has released on Deep Soul Music and Demand Records. Whilst LSB has gained the attention of many with bootlegs of Sade & Little Dragon it was his debut single on Spearhead Records ‘All of My Love/Rolling Sideways’ which really got people noticing his sound in 2011.

LSB established himself with his first EP on Spearhead which sat the upper end of DnB Charts and the collaboration with Technimatic gracing the playlists of DJ’s such as Friction. S.P.Y. Logistics, Lenzman, AI and many others. 2014 will see LSB release on labels such as Soul:r, Hospital Records and continue his progress with Spearhead Records with a follow EP and talks of a debut album on the agenda.

LTJ Bukem – Music (technicolour remix)
Lynx – How you move me (paradox remix)
LSB – All of my Love ( Technimatik remix)
Technimatik – Bristol
Calibre – Cold Halo
Calibre – Blue Top
Paul SG – The Last Ceremony (Big Bud Remix)
Duke Robinson & The spiralling prism – It’s all Fine
Anile – Custom Dancer
Frederic Robinson – Particles
Cursa – CRNR
Lung – Curosity Cove
Tokyo Prose – Goodbye Hands
Zero T – Refusal (Calibre Remix)
Hybrid Minds – Music Talks
FD – So Real
Blu Mar Ten – Thin Air
Penny Giles – Stories Untold
Scuba – Cognetive Dissonance