TIP108 – Affkt

Marc Martinez Nadal emerges with AFFKT, his new stage name. Without the need to discredit classic or renown, through sound composition and experimentation, AFFKT gains access to unedited synthetic and organic spaces, where music finds new ways of expression on the dance floor and beyond.

His perennial and almost mathematical search for the perfect point, which allows the balance between the refined hedonism of dance music and the commitment to progress, is one of his most unique audible features. Above all, AFFKT is synonymous of electronic music -he is precisely one of the most active regenerators of contemporary house music- incorporating as well all the sounds he feels, loves and knows with harmony, borrowing them from jazz, soul, latin, pop, funk, etc.

AFFKT considers fusion as one of the main aspects of artistic evolution, as he proved in his first hit “Points” (The Prologue EP), published with Barraca Music, and stunning the world with his brave innovation, technical sensuality and control of different sound tempos. Since then he has not stopped producing and remixing for labels such as Skint, Darkroom Dubs, Rekids, Buzzin fly, Mobilee, Cécille, Vakant, Mothership, Rebirth, iVAV, Cr2, Suara, OFF, International Freakshow, Perspectiv or 3rd Floor and for artists such as tech de Mathias Kaden, Radio Slave, Remute, Spencer Parker, etc.

With a wealth of releases on a host of the world’s finest electronic labels, Marc Martinez Nadal has already established himself as one of the most exciting young producers of today. As AFFKT he is one of the leaders of the new wave of Spanish producers and in February of this year released his excellent debut album “Punto 0”. The long-player receive vast critical acclaim and in recent months has spawned a series of remix EP’s.

At the same time, in his live and Dj shows, AFFKT displays a free and fascinating scope of influences, references and styles that create an unexpected wave of sound energy on any dance floor on the planet.

AFFKT has also created Sincopat to deepen and transcend the boundaries of dance music with other like-minded artists. Like his music, his label embraces and enjoys the experimentation of jazz and the essence of soul, all this combined with the frantic rhythm of funk and the energy of house music. Sincopat bets and believes in an emerging generation of eclectic artists -children of the thousand sounds- that do not fear the risk of exploring, just as it should be.

In todays world of laptop friendly virtual studios illegally downloaded for free by the tech savvy youngster, it is easy to see how an artist can make it big with very little knowledge or creative skill. Music courses now litter the internet and a culture of quick success rather than crafting a career seems to be evermore prevalent. Marc Martinez Nadal aka Affkt is an artist with a refreshingly old school mindset to the current status quo and has quietly been honing his skills, committing himself to a life long career of developing his sound. Taking in influences as disparate as Jazz, Soul and Pop, he sculpts  sonic masterpieces which will pass the test of time.

This is Progressive caught up with him during a brief respite in the studio…


Hi Marc, Thanks for sparing a few minutes to talk. Every DJ has their own story about what inspired them to choose a life of music, who were your inspirations and what challenges did you face at the beginning? 

Nice to to talk with you Simon. Since I was a child music was in my life, so at the end was for really natural. I need to make music to feel good with myself; is like a therapy, so the biggest challenge was to be able to have as much possible time to spend in the studio. It made my job hard but at the the end just needs time and much work.


How did you choose the name Affkt? 

It’s a name that may be interpreted in different ways, comes from the german word Affekt. Personally I’m a very sensitive person and influenced by many things that surround me, such as my music.


EDM. Its an ugly term, but one that gets used very often to describe a certain type of house music. As I mentioned in the introduction, kids today are quick to download some soft wear and make tunes like their heroes. Then spam everybody they know to try to get that big break, but you didn’t, you took the long route. Knowing what you know now, what advice would you have given yourself 10/15 years ago? 

This a difficult one! I think you should do/play music because you love to do it, the rest will come alone. Nowadays that EDM became so mainstream I think theres so many kids and not so kids out there are more focused in getting rich and famous, rather than being honest with their music and what they want to say. But this for me has nothing to do with music, this is all about capitalism.


Is there now a place for the self taught producer, or should everyone attend a course of some kind? It is said the quality of releases has fallen over time and the record labels are more interested with making money than making art… 

I don’t think the quality has fallen, in fact I think music quality goes further and further. But the business change, nowadays the labels don’t do the money like before when selling thousands of vinyls was normal. The labels are managed in another way and music seems to be not so timeless.

About having music production courses, I think is interesting always learn as much as possible but with internet is quite easy to learn on your own.


Most producers now seem to use a combination of DAWs to achieve their sound. We understand you use Ableton, Cubase and Logic. Which do you find is the hardest to pick up and why? 

I used to work with Logic in the past, but I don’t do it anymore. I work mainly with Ableton Live and I mix always in Cubase. Ableton Live is so good for creating and experimenting with sound, I think is like an instrument and has so much possibilities. Cubase is cleaner to mix and allows me to just focus in getting best sound as possible.


What piece of studio equipment could you not be without now? 

My TL audio mixing console is like the hearth of my studio, gives a really warm sound to everything.


So you’ve hit a creative wall and everything you try sounds wrong. What do you do to get those ideas flowing again? 

What I like to do is work on a track on different days, some times I build the track fast but the ideas always takes different days to mature.

Also super important for me is once the track is ready leave it at least some weeks without listening to it, when I come back to the studio and I listen it again I find quite fast the elements that has to be changed.


DJing in your home town is always fun. People get to know you, your style and you can really allow yourself to experiment because you know the crowd will follow you regardless, but how do the crowds differ when you play outside of Valencia? Do you change your style to suit them? 

The peoples reaction is so important as well of course, but every time and every place is different, the music I play is really defined by how I feel this day or what I have on mind this time. I have been DJing from Drum & Bass to hard Techno, Techno or House so I am quite open minded.


You’ve got some amazing destinations lined up this year. Anywhere in particular you are excited to go? 

I am really looking forward to go to Quatar for the first time.


Lets talk DJ Riders for moment. Whats in yours? and whats the most crazy one you’ve seen? 

I am easy guy, with 150 beers is more than enough! I have been working in a huge club in Valencia for so long and yes I saw so many DJ riders asking for so strange things like super special drinks and much more things is better not to talk!


Tell us about Sinocopat. What was your inspiration for starting a record label? What have you learned since starting? 

Sincopat is my baby, my inspiration was releasing music special that I love and I have learned so many things the last 3 and a half years that I am running the label with my partner Alberto, we have discovered amazing producers all around the globe and we like to take care every part of the process as much as possible.


Who has been your most exciting find? and who would you love to sign to the label? 

There have been some of them since the initial Sincopat family like Darlyn Vlys, Samuel Dan or Ramiro Lopez to artist I have met along my touring like Kike Wolf in Cuba or Point Sole from Spain.

I would love to sign anyone that is focus in producing a personal sound as possible.


Lets move on to talk about how you balance work and play. Its hard in this industry to switch off, mainly because most people go to a club to dance and relax, but for us thats work!  How do you wind down after a stressful day? 

I just try to do nothing related with music, doing sport and cooking is what I do mostly in my free time.


Valencia is a beautiful city, one of Spain’s finest. Wheres good to go away from the tourist places? 

One of the nicest place to go in Valencia is ‘La Albufera’ is kind of a big lake next to the mediterranean sea, the ‘paella’ comes originally from the villages close to this place. Is a great place to relax and theres so many places to eat rice and fish.


Finally, can you tell us about your upcoming releases for 2014.

This year is going be interesting, I have an EP in the Mexican label Tenampa along Forrest that includes a remix by Shall Ocin. A new track for Cecille call Breaklove.


In March we release Sincopat 21 including remixes by And.Id and Satori. One original and a remix as well for Get physical. Another EP for BlaBla and much more new music I still cannot talk about.

1. Wire People – Triangle Vision (AFFKT Remix)
2. Eric Volta – Love Your Illusion
3. Rodriguez Jr. – Nausicâa
4. Tom Demac – Desire Cries (Live Mix)
5. Russ Chimes – Turn Me Out (Justin Jay Remix)
6. Coyu ft. Aaron David Frith – Salvation (Dennis Ferrer)
7. AFFKT – Therapy
8. Chymera – Under The Slip
9. Point Sole & Grosstone – Nightmare
10. Alland Byallo – Crepuscular (Dave Aju Remix)
11. Dino Lenny – I’m Coming Home (James Welsh Remix)
12. Dustin Nantais – Arm Bar (Pow! Pow! Remix)
13. AFFKT – We Are Safe
14. SuperMayer – Two Of Us