TIP109 – Zen 3.1

Artists Phil Taylor and Chitra Kumar started their production and djing career through running their own night, Agenda, in Manchester’s underground scene. Under the alias Philthy Chit, their sound was directed more towards bringing the ‘ecstasy’ back into dance music, with a euphoric energetic grounding, holding onto the principles of the genre they grew up with in the late 90s as they watched the scene around them turn, in their opinion, towards a more minimal and hollow version of an intelligent and emotive music institution.

Zen 3.1 is their more hallucinogenic and evolved take on progressive house music. Focusing more on layering sounds to create auras and atmospheres to dictate musical experiences and journeys rather than aiming to stick to a blueprint of big room club sounds, their sets and productions hope to highlight the subtleties of dance music genres and the ways in which they can be overlapped and interwoven to create original progression.

“For years progressive house and techno has seemed to stick to a linear pattern, and the word progressive too often taken to mean an increase in bpm and energy towards the end of a set rather than a true flowing of harmonies and melodies, contrasting whilst complementing, leaving the listener always guessing and never predicting and ultimately always engaged.”

Zen 3.1 is hopefully about exploring different ways to approach dance music, and learning whether progression is possible without sticking to defined formulas and patterns and always holding onto the belief that it should remain emotive.

01// Exoplanet – The Planetarium (Verche Remix) [Particles]
02// Eelke Kleijn – Eenvoud (Navar Remix) [Outside the Box]
03// Nick Stoynoff – Berghain (Scotty.A Remix) [Proton Music]
04// Tip DOris – Aurora (Samotarev Remix) [Lowbit]
05// Eelke Kleijn – Flierefluiter (Original Mix) [Outside The Box Music]
06// Fingers Clear – One Way Ticket (Original Mix) [Dbeatzion Records]
07// CamelPhat – Girl On Girl (Original Mix) [Crossfrontier Audio]
08// One of Them – My Bike And Me (Stelios Vassiloudis & Sasse Remix) [Fade Records]
09// Ripperton – Farra – Original Mix [Green]
10// Inkfish – Brus (Original Mix) [Inkfish]
11// Quell – Alsos – Original Mix [Ibadan Records]
12// Paronator – Alight (Original Mix) [Reworck]
13// Hernan Cattaneo & Soundexile – Japanese Snowbell (Guy J Remix) [Sudbeat Music]
14// Guy Gerber – The Mirror Game (Original Mix) [Visionquest]
15// Hiver – Teasel (tobias. Remix) [Curle Recordings]
16// Quell – Blind Opera (Original Mix) [Ibadan Records]
17// Jon Gurd & Alan Fitzpatrick – From Here To There (ROD Remix Two) [Quartz Recs]
18// MUUI – Confetti in Her Hair (Luis Junior Remix) [Lowbit]
19// Petrichor – On Tides (Original Mix) [Soma Records]
20// Luis Bondio – Circulate (Madloch Remix) [Movement Recordings]
21// Charlie May – Apache (Max Mix) [Ace]