TIP123 – Andy James

11 years is a long time to spend committed to any one thing. In Andy’s case, he’s used the time to learn his trade right down to the finest detail. Not content with simply purchasing a set of turntables and attempting to mix two records together, he set about studying the history of Dance music, and spending every waking minute learning how to manipulate a dance floor by intelligently combining and layering sounds from different artists. Effective use of melodies, carefully constructed track lists, and vibrant enthusiasm behind the decks have always been the key factors that make Andy’s sets stand out from the crowd. His attention to detail and his ear for music have led to him securing a string of prolific gigs across the UK, as well as consecutive festival and boat party appearances. It’s also these assets that have led to him being signed up to join the ranks at This Is Progressive, amongst the roster of equally gifted and ambitious individuals who share the passion for great Dance music, and the belief that quality should never be sacrificed in favour of the latest dance floor trends.

Whilst it is evident from his recorded sets that he is keen to push forward-thinking electronica in its many guises, it’s also worth noting that he’s extremely passionate about musical history. Andy has devoted a significant amount of personal time to running his own Cratedigga event in Oxfordshire, which specialises exclusively in promoting vinyl-based Dance from House music’s origins during the days of Disco and Motown, right through to 2003. It’s this unwavering belief in the value of knowing your roots that guarantees that any event that Andy is spinning at will always be impeccably soundtracked. It is also this ethos that will ensure his DJ diary will remain busy for the foreseeable future.


01// Plastikman – Koma

02// Breach – Beroving

03// Untold – Breathe (Nautiluss remix)

04// Soul Clap – Break 4 Life

05// KANT – Never You Mind

06// Savile – Being (Youandewan remix)

07// Rashid Ajami – Coming For You (Wisternoff remix)

08// Youandewan – Squared

09// Gorge – House Flies

10// Kidnap Kid – Survive

11// Full Intention – Float On

12// Soul Clap – Fried Chicken

13// Kidnap Kid – So Close

14// Good Guy Mikesh & Filburt – Place Of Love (MP Edit)

15// Felon – Isla

16// Harvey McKay – The Fall (Burnski remix)

17// Muller & Butano – Gear RP

18// Saytek – Reflections

19// Boom Merchant – Temujin (Pole Folder remix)

20// Nautiluss – Corvus (Lost In Space mix)

21// Gregor Tresher – Permafrost (A_Idric Warm Keys Remix)

22// Minilogue – Atoms With Curiosity That Looks At Itself And Wonders Why It Wonders

23// Plastikman – Plasticity

24// Daniel Avery – Knowing We’ll Be Here

25// Jagwar Ma – Come Save Me (Pachanga Boys remix)