Todd the Godd is back baby!

Artist : Todd Terry
Title : Bounce To The Beat/So Everybody (2015 Remixes)
Label : Hard Times
Release : TBA
Genre : House

Before this review, a little history lesson for those unfamiliar with Todd ‘the Godd’ Terry. Born and raised in Brooklyn, New York, Todd Terry started off Djing in the 1980s playing disco and hip hop. His success as a producer came in the 90s with top 40 hits ‘Something Goin On’ and ‘Keep on Jumpin’. His own label InHouse Records began in 1999 but he’s kept a fairly low profile throughout the start of this century. I first met him in person at ADE 2014. In a rare moment of complete fandom, a ran over shook his hand and said “Thank you for the music!” Such a div!

His influence in my own musical journey is significant, so it was with a massive smile on my face I pressed play on the first of 3 new versions of his classic sounds. Bounce to the Beat was originally released on Hard Times back in 1995. Its been remixed by many including Leftwing and Kody, Hector and Orlando Voorn, but its this remix that will stick with me. Using Todds original and immediately recognisable kick drum, original remixers du jour, The Rhythm Masters whip this into a maelstrom of swirling bass warm and old skool charm, the vocal refrain: a call to arms to all those who remember this monster in the 90s. The overall sound design and execution of this track is masterful. Peak time House mayhem.

Keeping with the general feeling of retro remixed, Botherton Wing give So Everybody (Get Off) the 2015 rerub. Rave stabs and vocal snips drive along underpinning a mountainous low end, this is ace! Rounding out the pack is another 90s vetran, Jay Vegas. His interpretation draws heavily on the disco elements of the original, and if I were reviewing in the 90s, I would hedge my bets at putting this in the Hardbag pile. Tough, groovy and utterly danceable, the care and attention to detail on these remixes further proves the place Todd Terry holds for all of us House heads.