Todd Terry & DJ Pierre – Funky Tees (Tee’s Freeze Mix)

Just landing from Freeze Records to the Decoded Magazine office is Todd Terry & DJ Pierre – Funky Tees (Tee’s Freeze Mix). When you scope “Tee’s Freeze Mix” on the track’s artwork you know its going to emanate voodoo. An acid dripping, flanging, echoing thumpathon dope house concoction is a suitable description for what I have been delivered. Its the next dose from Todd on his label Freeze Records. Todd Terry teams up with DJ Pierre in form of this collaboration to deliver this steaming acid smattered house scooby snack. I was fortunate enough to catch up with Todd here in January and interview him regarding his new techno label Terminator Records and all things Todd Terry.

In the gravitational pull of planet earth Todd Terry has earned his place in hall of House legends. I’ve called him a cornerstone of the house movement before and DJ Pierre racks up decades of respect as Chicago hometown legend, mentor and majority influence over so many spanning generations.  Todd has confirmed in an interview with Decoded Magazine that we can look forward to expecting an increasing amount of releases from his stable of labels as 2017 progresses. With the quality of this release its fingers crossed for more treasure to be delivered via collaborations between Todd and DJ Pierre in the rest of 2017 and beyond.
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