Hope Recordings favourite Tom Glass doesn’t disappoint

Artist: Tom Glass
Title: Attribute EP
Label: Hope Recordings
Release : 22nd January 2016
Genre: Progressive House

Hope Recordings favourite artist Tom Glass presents his latest work by way of his – “Attribute EP”. To be released later this month, the EP contains three originals to sink your teeth in to, plus cutting edge remixers, Han Haak and Sordo & Rodriquez also get a place in the sun.  “Attribute” as an opening track is as good as any, with lumbering grooves and organ like overtures, which can fill the dance floor with its clattering bass, stray pings, and carefully positioned against a staccato melody pad, all make for pleasant fare.

The second – “Doodleedoo” slows things down with a submerged bass one can’t quite make something off on a sea bed of pinging melody, and the track for the most part harks on an ambitious bid at sophisticated electronica. Next up – “Nothing Special” gets my thumbs up as the track that lifts it all up, a tantalising piece that explodes gently with its extremely melodic mood, in its symphonic way rising and falling as it goes.

The title track rears its head out again in the pack, but this time with a remix from UK producer Han Haak giving it a full blown big room treatment. This rework is obviously solid floor tackle for those who like it bassy, with its super charged interiors clashing around giving the bins a work out.

Mexican Sordo & Rodriguez’s Dub cut of – “Doodleedoo” has a commanding energy of crisp, live sounding drums and a soothing tambourine allure that makes its way sinuously in to the speakers, and that which leads you to the Back To Mine remix full of lounge formula, an altogether different vibe from the previous version of the above mentioned track, and provides the down tempo finisher of this release.

About the Author

Priya is based out of Mumbai and is a DJ/Producer plus contributor to Decoded Magazine, plus hosts her own monthly radio shows in multiple music channels internationally.