Review: Tom Hades revives the hoover for his Hurricanes EP

Artist: Tom Hades
Title: Hurricanes EP
Label: Rhythm Converted
Cat No: RC102
Release: Out Now
Genre: Techno

Starting out with the title track, Hurricanes, Tom Hades generates a just the right amount expectant tension as he layers up the various elements while moving towards unleashing some great hoovers. For me, the instantly recognisable sound of the hoover is tied to so many great tunes. Not forgetting that there are a few not so great ones too. However, Tom has steered very clear of the latter with this track. He has put everything together with a nice driving energy that doesn’t overly focus on the hoovers. As far as modern hover track goes, this is spot on in my book.

Scream shows quite a different vibe from the opening bars. There is a nice little delayed sound that develops throughout the track as it seems to centre everything and for me, it almost works as a hook as each new sound gets introduced. As things move along, it builds really well but doesn’t get shoved down your throat. There’s increase in reverb and overdrive is brought in a just the right moment. This one will do some serious damage to a dance floor.

There is some great use of less obvious sounds for the final track, Waking Up. There is some really nice string work being put to use here. Their delivery and processing is a little unusual but it works. Some may find this track a little abstract for their personal tastes but this one is a grower for sure. The right time and the right dance floor for this one and it could really make a mark.

Overall, a solid EP that has a little something about that makes it just different enough to make stand out.

About the Author

With almost 8 years of music production under his belt while producing bass music as DROKKR and more recently, electro and techno under his Dave Mono moniker, the Cork based producer & DJ has enjoyed a truly tireless love affair with all forms of electronic music. From Aux 88 and right through to Venetian Snares, everything has found itself a little place in the heart of this Corkman.