Tom Hades provides a Belgian masterclass on MB Elektronics

Artist : Tom Hades
Title : Get Back EP
Label : MB Elektronics
Release : Out Now
Genre : Techno

No stranger to Marco Bailey’s iconic label MB Elektronics, this three track EP is a stormer. Hades grew up listening to some of the best experimental electronic acts of the latter part of the last century. Guys like DAF, Front 252 and Kraftwerk were his soundtrack, and inspired him to start along the music path. As luck would have it, a school friend – Redhead, was working with Marco Bailey at his studio and the two started working together. Fast forward (ahem) 20 or so years, and Tom Hades is very much at the forefront of the techno scene, and a damn fine producer to boot!

First of the three tracks, Get Back is brimming with energy. This is an out and out peak timer with clever percussion, just the right amount of tension in the drops and an almighty bottom end! This is a monster, and handled correctly, will devastate any room. Track 2 – Tabula Rasa sees Tom in a more playful mood. Latin bass and skippy rattling percussion parts drive the track forward. I can almost gaurentee this is at the top of Carl Cox’s USB playlists, its pretty much tailor made for him. The rave-y keyboard stabs which filter in and provide the main hook are classic 90s, and the addition of the echoing “ecstasy” refrain in the break down further enamours me to this slice of groovy techno.

Finishing off a fantastic EP is Dulces Domus. Starting out with a strong tribal groove, Tom expertly adds tension and excitement. As with all Tom Hades productions, the percussive elements are of worthy mention. Always unique and interesting, he makes making techno sound very easy; anyone who makes techno will know thats not strictly true. This one is a pre peak groover, something to hypnotise the room and get them ready for the really big moments you have planned.

When the techno is this good, every other genre pales in comparison. Bravo Tom!