Toneboosters releases its Equalizer 4 plugin on the iPad

Toneboosters has made its Equalizer 4 plugin available on the iPad, promising an unrivalled workflow and a “gorgeous, functional user interface”.

TB Equalizer, as it is also known, is designed to be a mastering-grade professional EQ, and promises the same quality of sound as the desktop version. It uses AI to make content-dependent equalisation suggestions, while a zero-latency mode means that you can use it in a live situation.

TB Equalizer is available on the Apple App Store priced at $5.99/£5.99.

TB Equalizer specs:

  • Mastering grade, professional equalizer and spectrum analyser
  • The same professional sound as the desktop version
  • Up to 16 filter sections with a very wide range of filter types
  • Run each section in dynamic or static mode
  • Run each section with digital purity or analog character
  • Oversampling and antialiasing modes to further improve sound quality
  • Use Artificial Intelligence (AI) for content-dependent equalisation suggestions
  • Audition mode to easily identify problematic frequency areas
  • Automatic make up function for every section
  • Zero-latency mode for live operation
  • Lasso function to select and move multiple filters simultaneously
  • Piano display to select musical note frequencies
  • Output VU meters showing peak and RMS levels simultaneously
  • Undo/redo, and A/B comparison
  • Color themes for the user interface
  • Adjustable colours for every filter section
  • Mid, side, left, right processing for stereo input for each section
  • Legacy InterApp Audio (IAA) support
  • Efficient, low CPU usage

About the Author

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