Head Honcho Tony Thomas returns to Cubism

Artist : Tony Thomas
Title : Breaking Bud EP
Label : Cubism
Cat No : CUBISM089
Release : Out Now
Genre : Tech House

CUBISM boasts some of the most profiled artists in the Tech House and Techno scene, none so much as Tony Thomas. After a year locked away in his studio making new beats with a familiar feel, he returns to the label to once again deliver some heavy duty, late night booty shaking grooviness.

Breaking Bud, indeed the whole EP, harks back to a time around the turn of the millenium when house music became overtly tribal. Its a sound that made DJs like Yousef and Steve Lawler household names, and it was labels like Seista, Greyhound and Tango who led the way. Thomas was at the forefront of the UK tribal scene, and provided some fantastic tracks to rival the likes of Hipp-e, Halo and the rest of the West Coast crew.

All that experience and talent is squeezed out of every note of the title track: Breaking Bud, which resists the erge to feature anything to do with either that famous DJ Sneak track, or the TV series. A rolling groove, neat vocal snips and well placed FX allow this track to thunder along without really realising the passage of time. Perfect DC10 weaponry.

Gut Rot follows suit. A deeper cut, but no less powerful, it delights in unbalacing the listener with short drops and weird little vocals. The breakdown has enough energy to keep the vibe going, and as the beat kicks back in heads nod and hips wiggle. See Hear breaks the mould a little by being a more standard groove led tech houser. Nonetheless, its a well crafted track with a more defined vocal part, and some nifty production tricks to keep the listeners interest high.

Glad you’re back Tony. Its been a wonderful 20 year ride.