Toolroom Academy launches INFINITE: A unique multi-effect plugin created to streamline and improve studio workflow

Toolroom Academy, the educational platform of the internationally recognised and leading dance music label Toolroom Records releases its first audio plugin, INFINITE. Designed by Toolroom Records founder Mark Knight and acclaimed producer James F Reynolds, INFINITE is a multi-effect plugin created to speed up and improve studio workflow.

Trialled and tested by a community of audio professionals over the course of several years, INFINITE meets the needs of all producers from beginners to experienced professionals. By flicking between the simple and user-friendly one-knob mode equipped with over 40 different presets, INFINITE removes the need to load up and balance a multitude of different plugins to create your desired effects.

Each preset is creative, practical and usable. Designed by Mark Knight and other leading industry producers, they were born out of the need to speed up Mark’s own workflow and to save time creating the same effect, over and over again.

“Every record needs a ‘moment’ – something that creates real drama and energy on the dancefloor. INFINITE has been designed to help you create those moments, by maximising the impact of your transitions and builds.

The USP of INFINITE is that it’s designed for all levels of producers. Beginners will get a fast-track solution for their transitions and delay shots via a set of hand-crafted, world-class presets. Advanced users can dive in and access the programmable macro section and enjoy an INFINITE scope of creative possibilities.

After 25 years of playing on the world’s biggest stages as a DJ and producing some of the biggest club anthems as an artist, I’m excited to pass on some of the skills I’ve amassed for the next generation of music producers.” – Mark Knight

A plugin with endless possibilities, INFINITE caters for professional artists, producers and studio enthusiasts who have experienced the ever-developing phases of music software. For those who are looking to unlock INFINTE in more depth, users can switch the plugin into ‘Complex Mode’ and tweak the different parameters at a granular and detailed level by using the plugin’s powerful macro system. Attune the 8 world-class effects algorithms to craft your own unique sound and bring to life your creative vision, INFINITE also offers users the functionality to save your effect chain so it can be recalled and quickly used via the one-knob interface.

“For the last 20 years I’ve been thinking about creative ways to add effects and transitions to my music, and this often requires using multiple plugins and time-consuming automation. The idea for INFINITE was born out of these needs. I believe this plugin is a game-changer for everyone in music production – not only in speeding up workflow, but also allowing producers to create totally unique transitions and effects.” – James F Reynolds

Meticulously designed to streamline studio workflow, INFINITE is the must-have plugin for producers of all levels.

Purchase INFINITE now for £39.99 HERE.

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