TouchDesigner and Bitwig Studio are now connected

With the latest updates of Bitwig Studio and TouchDesigner, the two applications now connect the audio and visual world in a very powerful way. Both applications can control and listen to each other, thanks to “TDBitwig” (a set of components in TouchDesigner) and the newly added “TouchDesigner” extension in Bitwig Studio.

TouchDesigner is a visual programming language for real-time interactive multimedia content developed by the Toronto-based company Derivative. It is used by artists, programmers, creative coders, software designers, and performers to create performance visuals, installations, and fixed media works.

What is TDBitwig?

TDBitwig is a set of components now available in TouchDesigner. With TDBitwig, it’s possible to control Bitwig Studio parameters (such as tempo, track properties and clip launching), as well as every device parameter (including The Grid) and mapped modulators. And Bitwig Studio can also control TouchDesigner parameters.

TDBitwig is available in TouchDesigner 2022.Official. For a more in-depth explanation of TDBitwig and a description of all TDBitwig components please visit the TDBitwig User Guide.
Load the new TouchDesigner Extension which is included in Bitwig Studio 5.0.10 and later. It is required for TDBitwig to work. 

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