Transparent deliver a beautifully designed modular speaker

Scandinavia has built itself a pretty considerable reputation when it comes to a strong design aesthetic. The Transparent Speaker is a marriage of minimalist design and advanced audio electronics. Offering an alternative to traditional sound system design, the speaker uses a single aluminium uniframe with tempered glass panels and components.

The Transparent Speaker delivers a 140W output with a frequency response of 35Hz – 20Hz. The tightly sealed 10 litre (2,6 Gal) acoustic volume and the custom-designed 6-inch woofer helps in creating a very controlled reproduction of sound which will no doubt make the music you are listing sound very warm and balanced. The speakers are compatible with Apple AirPlay, Sonos, Amazon Echo and Google Cast.

The Transparent Speaker is futureproofed due to its modular design making it simple to upgrade components that may need replacing over time. The loudspeakers are designed with upgrades in mind, with a compartment on the back of the speaker that can hold and power various modules, such as new voice control protocols or updated wireless technology.

The Transparent Speaker is around £775, and you can find out more information over on the company’s website.

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