Trentemøller’s third single ‘Complicated’ from the hugely well received album ‘Fixion’ out today

Released today, ‘Complicated’, Trentemøller’s third single from the hugely well received album ‘Fixion’, and one of the two album tracks featuring Jehnny Beth from Savages, is a further adventure into Anders Trentemøller’s passion for coldwave influenced, synth-driven pop music – both elegant and darkly romantic in nature.

The accompanying video by Åsa Riton and Andreas Emenius also completes the video trilogy consisting of ‘River In Me’, ‘Redefine’ and ‘Complicated’, an apocalyptic story about the desperate search for a place where to start all over again. Shot in an abandoned sports arena a loose narrative unfolds of a man on a quest to re-connect with the physical world after loosing himself in a destructive relationship. A lonely world, involving tennis, palm trees, hands on fire, anonymous helpers and a constructed spine.

The first ever Trentemøller documentary will be broadcasted from next week

Starting December 12, the Danish national TV station ‘DR3’ will broadcast the 3 episodes of the first ever Trentemøller documentary called ‘I Trentemøllers Rige‘ (‘In The Kingdom of Trentemøller’).
DR3 followed him over two years while he was writing, recording and touring his album Fixion. They zoomed in on both the creative process and the musician – and accompanied Anders Trentemøller into the studio and to the live shows.

December, 12 , 19 & 23, 2016 on DR3 at 22:00

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