Throw back Thursday – Underworld Everything Everything

One of the defining moments during the meteoric rise of dance music across the world, came in the year 2000 with one of the very first DVD’s to capture the essence of the festival experience; Underworld Everything Everything: Live

The DVD features live footage of the band mixed with videography and artistic effects by the design group Tomato, with Jono Griffith of Ernest Edits as ‘Creative Editor’. The DVD also featured several songs not on the live album earlier released that year, including “Moaner”, “Puppies”, “Kittens”, and “Rowla”. In a one and a half hour explosion of visuals, mind numbing crowd shots, banks of synths and mixing desks. As well as the standard DVD section (with a view changer from the festival to being a visual player), Everything, Everything also contains a special DVD-ROM section offering several interactive options with which the user can manipulate text and audio. Not only does this provide a variety of Internet links, but it also features its own browser, which can be used to gain access to a site created by Rick Smith and Karl Hyde.

This album was a large part of my raving and partying days, many early mornings spaced out watching it projected onto the walls with the sound embracing me like a big warm hug. Although those days are long gone, this video still manages to send shivers up my spin and hairs stand on end. It captured a moment of my mid 20’s that formulated everything I felt and understood of dance music and still do to this day.

To enjoy this movie, I suggest you turn off the lights, connect to the big screen, turn up the sound and best enjoyed with your drink of choice. I bring you Underworld Everything Everything



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