Underworld re-release Beaucoup Fish as a remastered classic including limited edition double vinyl

Underworld have announced details of the deluxe remastered re-release of their 1999 classic Beaucoup Fish (via Universal Music Catalogue) The album comes as a single CD, a 4 CD super deluxe box set and a double vinyl album. The album will also be available on all streaming and download platforms.

Hugely anticipated on release in the spring of 1999, Beaucoup Fish continued Underworld’s singular vision. From the opening Windy City meets Motor City meets Thames Estuary swoop of Cups through to the flickering low light coda of closing track Moaner, the eleven tracks on Beaucoup Fish collectively served to highlight just how different the wiring of Underworld’s internal logic is.

Whilst some of their peers had spawned lesser imitators, Underworld’s sound on Beaucoup Fish remained resolutely theirs. While many of the prevalent fragmented electronic styles of the day would be assimilated, the end result remained unique. If there had been a mould created when Rick Smith, Darren Emerson and Karl Hyde first made music together in the spare bedroom of a terrace house in Romford, it had long since been broken. There were no imitators. There never have been.

Beaucoup Fish features the singles Moaner, Push Upstairs, Jumbo, King of Snake and Bruce Lee. The deluxe edition’s second disc features eleven previously unreleased outtakes from the recording sessions. The third and fourth disc feature remixes of album tracks by the likes of Fatboy Slim, Slam, Salt City Orchestra and Adam Beyer.

The Beaucoup Fish super deluxe edition comes packaged in a hard case 12”x12” box that complements the acclaimed expanded reappraisals of dubnobasswithmyheadman (2014) and Second Toughest In The Infants (2015). This edition also includes a 60-page booklet with a new essay on the album. As with its predecessors, audio remastering was undertaken by the band’s Rick Smith at Abbey Road Studios. All packaging and artwork has been created by long time Underworld collaborators tomato.

Underworld – aka Karl Hyde and Rick Smith – recently presented an installation piece – Manchester Street Poem – as part of Manchester International Festival 2017. The project spotlighted the stories of those who’ve found themselves homeless in the city. Their last gig – a sold out show London’s Alexandra Palace – was the band’s biggest UK headline show to date.

Pre order 1 CD, Double Vinyl and 4 CD Super Deluxe

Beaucoup Fish super deluxe tracklisting:

Disc One
1. Cups
2. Push Upstairs
3. Jumbo
4. Shudder / King Of Snake
5. Winjer
6. Skym
7. Bruce Lee
8. Kittens
9. Push Downstairs
10. Something Like A Mama
11. Moaner

Disc Two
1. Nifter – 5 A1317 Nov 97
2. Bruce Lee – Ricks 1st Dobro Mix
3. UW Orange Bed – Sept97
4. Skym – A A1317 Nov 97
5. Jumbo – Diff Bass 2 A1317 Nov 97
6. Push Upstairs – Alt 1 A1336 July 98
7. King Of Snake – Garage Mix A1313 Set 97b
8. Something Like A Mama – Alt Mix A1340 July 98 A Upstairs)
9. Please Help Me
10. Yeah Plan – From A1385
11. Ramajama

Disc Three
1. Cups – Salt City Orchestra Remix
2. Jumbo – Jedi’s Sugar Hit Mix
3. Jumbo – Futureshock Vocal Mix
4. Push Upstairs – Darren Price Remix
5. King Of Snake – Slam Remix
6. King Of Snake – Fatboy Slim Remix
7. King Of Snake – Dave Clarke Remix
8. Bruce Lee – Micronauts Remix
9. Bruce Lee – Buffalo Daughter Remix

Disc Four
1. Bruce Lee – DJ Hype & DJ Zinc Vocal Mix
2. Bruce Lee – DJ Hype & DJ Zinc Instrumental Mix
3. Bruce Lee – Futureshock Remix
4. King Of Snake – Claudio Coccoluto Remix
5. King Of Snake – Martinez Remix
6. King Of Snake – Dave Angel Remix
7. Jumbo – Rob Rives & Francois Kevorkian Dub
8. Push Upstairs – Roger S Narcotic Haze Dub
9. Push Upstairs – Adam Beyer Rmx 2

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