UNER launches new label called Solar Distance

After years of working with, and learning from, some of the most respected forward-thinking labels in the game including Diynamic, Cocoon, Cadenza, Get Physical, 2020 Vision, Cecille, VisionquestUNER is now putting down his own label roots… Solar Distance.

Established with a view to identifying and nurturing new talent and expanding his established CommUNERty, Solar Distance is an exciting new adventure for the award-winning artist. Inspired by deeper, more refined, harmonic and musical styles, Solar Distance will plot journeys between seemingly disparate monolithic techno moons and the twinkling stars of electronica… And help us realise they’re actually closer to each other than you think.

SOlar distance cover photo

For the label’s launch UNER pilots the virgin ship himself; a four track intergalactic odyssey, it navigates the most cosmic corners of tech with detail and dexterity. ‘The Return Of The Sun’ plays the consummate take off as a rapid arpeggio cascades into a musical milky way; constantly ravelling and unravelling to reveal further spatial coordinates. ‘The Rebirth Of The Moon’ continues the journey, thrusting us deeper into the cosmos before ‘From The Stars’ slows down to orbit an evangelistic piano planet. Finally ‘In Your Space’ brings us back down to our own individual realities with evocative pads and poignant chord changes that roll with just the right amount of cinematic drama.

“The idea with Solar Distance is to build a family around music sharing the same passion and dedication, not just club music for DJs but also music to listen, more quiet and refine style. So everything floating around the electronic music concept.

I want to show my own point of view in music, with harmonies and musicality itself and, of course, it’s a new way to give extra opportunities to established producers as well as supporting up and coming ones, recreating my musical vision along with my feelings and the ones of the Solar Distance team. Coming up are releases by Philip Bader, Copy_Past_Soul, Paul Stickman, J.U.D.G.E., Point Sole among others” – UNER

Like all the best pilots, UNER ensures safe passage back to earth without so much as a bump… Leaving us yearning for another Solar Distance mission as soon as possible. Ready for take-off?

You can also catch UNER on tour here.