Hector to launch Vatos Locos label in 2016

One year on from the unforgettable Vatos Locos showcase at The BPM Festival, Hector is set to launch his ‘VL’ label at the next edition of the festival in his home country of Mexico.

2015 has been one of Hector’s busiest to date. As well as a crazy touring schedule with appearances at major events worldwide, he has also shown consistency in the studio with a flow of releases and remixes for vinyl focused labels; Serkal, Moan, Overall Music, Spartacus and Mindblown. That aside, his biggest achievement was undoubtedly conquering the residency at Marco Carola’s Music On through the summer at Amnesia.

Fresh from this inspirational summer, and with a clear vision in his mind of what needs to be achieved to build on this success, there is no better time for Hector to launch his own label project to compliment his exciting party brand.

Through the VL label vehicle, Hector is able to shine a light on his own music and that of favourite DJ/producers and Vatos Locos crew members such as Chad Andrew, David Gtronic, Javier Carballo, Hanfry Martinez, Randall M, Pinto and Sece.

“Working at Phonica in my early years and coming from vinyl background, the most important thing for me in this industry is to be able to get the music heard in the way I feel most comfortable with. To have your own label and have total control over this is paramount for me. This is something that started organically and has developed naturally thanks to having a good crew who are all in it for the right reasons, no egos, just quality music and events. These guys are refreshingly talented and we all share the same vision, and I cannot wait for you to all hear the first release.” – Hector

The debut release from the VL label will come as a two-part limited edition vinyl EP. Each part will consist of Four tracks carefully chosen by Hector showcasing every single crew member at their finest.

Following this, the two-part EP comes together in digital format with two extra bonus tracks making a Ten track digital album. Also, if this wasn’t enough the big man himself will create an exclusive mix showcasing all of the tracks!

More info to come next month, keep your eyes peeled.

vatos locos


Label boss and head honcho of the VL crew, Hector needs no introduction. The main driving force behind this project; knowing that he has a solid crew around him who share the same dream in equal measures. Vatos Locos – “no egos, just the love of the music“.

Chad Andrew

Florida born turned Berlin resident Chad Andrew has played in some of the best venues and festivals Europe has to offer, from ‘Viva Warriors’ at Sankeys, Ibiza Underground, Club Der Visionaere to ADE and Off Sonar. His biggest release to date was his ‘Cut Up’ EP on Marc Antona’s Dissonant label. He met label boss Hector over a shot of tequila at a gig in Florida, and that was the start of the exciting relationship they share as friends, DJ/producers and now VL crew members.

We try to keep it as simple as possible bringing each of our own personal selections of underground music to the table with no egos attached

Randall M

Along with the rest of the Vatos Locos crew Randall M resides in one of the biggest cities in Europe for dance music; Berlin. Since making the move from his native of USA he has played regular gigs at Club Der Visionaere and Hoppetosse. Last summer Randall M released a remix on Viva Music for Robert Dietz, and that was the start of us pricking our ears up and taking notice of his talent. Meeting Hector in Ibiza not only very soon became a core working relationship but also a friendship that lead Hector to welcome him into the Vatos Locos team as a key member.

I really admire and respect what Hector has done with Vatos Locos. He has managed to just keep it natural and easy, like a group of friends should be, with out any egotistic mentality. Everyone is treated usually at his parties, whether you’re a seasoned veteran like Martin Buttrich, or a rookie DJ, just getting into everything, he makes everyone feel important and have an equal role. Always smiles and good energy when I’m around him.

David Gtronic

Having previously released on esteemed labels Serkal, Suara, Moan & Monique Musique, plus an album release on popular London outfit Art Of Dark entitled ‘Lagrimas Del Sol’, Columbian born DJ/Producer David Gtronic already has a back catalogue that shapes up very well indeed. Now based in Berlin he has managed to build up a great roster of gigs for Club Der Visionaere, Chalet and Hopetossse, not to mention solid dates he played in Ibiza this summer and his debit at BPM last year for Vatos Locos, David shows no signs of slowing down!

From the moment we started doing the VL parties the idea was always to keep it close between a family of friends without allowing any sort of ego’s to get in the way or whatever. We are each individual artist in our on way but as a team we are much more special.