“The music industry is a bit like an apprenticeship really, you start at the bottom and have to go through all these experiences to get where you want to be” – Vibe Killers

Born and bred in the heart of Lancashire, North West England double-act Vibe Killers have formed a formidable bond together consisting of 20 years worth of blood, sweat, tears and straight up House music. Brothers springing straight out of the streets of Burnley, both Mark and Mickey Horsey have turned heads throughout the electronic musical realm since their rebirth under a new banner back in 2014. Such drive and determination have seen them gain support from big names including Hot Since 82, Loco Dice, Richy Ahmed, Jamie Jones, wAFF and more.

Having accomplished releases on such respected labels as Knee Deep In Sound, Hottrax, Elrow, Solâ, Material and much more, the stock of this sibling pairing is one that continues to bubble over the surface much to everyone’s delight.

As their latest release ‘Violator EP’ drops on Hot Trax we catch up with the boys from Burnley for an insight into their journey so far!

Welcome Mark and Mickey. It’s a great time to grab a few words with you both as things are really taking off for you guys. Putting Burnley on the map in the world of house music.

Ha ha nice one, thanks mate! Great to be here too.

Let’s start with your new Violator EP out 26/11 via Hot Trax. As with all your productions both tracks maintain that infectious tech house groove you have become known for. How did the tracks eventually end up signed to Hot Creations offshoot label?

Well, we had a few videos of Jamie playing some of our tracks last Summer, particularly Love You which came out on Solardo’s label Sola, so we thought let’s just send him a few bits and see what happens. Both him and Lee Foss really liked Violator then it was all down to nailing a b side – we sent a few over and then we got the email asking if we would sign to Hottrax.

Now having cemented releases on Kaluki, Elrow and Knee Deep In Sound your career only seem to be rising higher. Do you have a game plan for the foreseeable future? Goals to achieve? Aspirations to meet?

Yeah it finally feels we’re getting somewhere now. The game plan is just keep (trying) to sign music to sick labels, and get more and more shows. DJing is what it’s all about for us, we love it. It’s always good to have aims, but right now we’re having fun and things are moving and growing organically so we’re just happy seeing where this path takes us.

A track of yours that really stood out to me is ‘I Remember’ which was released on your label Killer Vibe. Such an uplifting feel good house track. What was the studio vibe like? I throw my arms around just listening to it. Killer drop!

Ha ha yeah, it had more of a housey vibe to that one which isn’t exactly the route we want to go down in general, but it does definitely go off in the right setting. One of the biggest challenges was finding the right vocal to go with that uplifting synth, but I think we nailed it.

For anybody who doesn’t know you’re both brothers. Is this a healthy relationship 99% of the time, especially when you’re trying to carve a career for yourself?

Yeah man very healthy, we make music together, DJ together and even train at the gym together. If you’ve known someone your whole life you kind of know how not to piss each other off. It’s no secret that the lifestyle involved in DJing and dance music can be pretty exhausting so it’s great having someone along for the ride and to share the highs (and lows) with – it’s all good for us.

Which one of you came up with the alias?

That would be me (Mark) – after a heavy session at Sankeys Ibiza we were sat on Bossa beach having a smoke with the sun coming up and I think I said something like ‘if it was us playing at Sankeys, we would probably kill the vibe’ jokingly, then the name came out of that. It’s basically just a piss take to be honest, but seems to work for us – we get a lot of comments off people saying they like the name. At that time, we were playing / making music under a different alias but this tougher and, in our opinion, cooler stuff was coming out, so we decided on a kind of re-brand using the new name and new sound.

The ‘Don’t Kill My Vibe’ t-shirts are pretty cool. Were they designed by yourself?

Smart eh! No, we know the guys at Housik and actually played for their YAYA party in Norwich. They approached us and their guy designed them. Me being tall as fuck though, I had to get a special edition long-line one made especially haha. PS: white ones are coming out any time soon…

Tell us about STAR CYCLING CLUB a new label coming from you in 2018? Will this purely be a platform for your own material?

Yeah, it’s just going to be our own material so we’re in full control – we’ve been running Killer Vibe for a while now so this new start is a way for us to focus our sound and output. We have a decent PR team behind us for this and have come up with some cool branding so hopefully it’s the start of something big. The name comes from some pub we used to go get pissed at in our home town back in our early 20s!

Your success of late is a culmination of 20 years hard work and passion for the scene you love. How would you describe your experiences with the industry as a whole in aiding to nurture you as break through artists?

It’s been tough to be fair – from putting our own parties on (some successful, some an absolute failure), to playing in Sankeys Manchester and bringing busses full of mates over, playing to empty rooms, not getting paid, being threatened in order to play a genre we don’t play in Burnley – there’s been all sorts that has gone on over the years. The music industry is a bit like an apprenticeship really, you start at the bottom and have to go through all these experiences to get where you want to be. Our shows are so much better now that we have our agent, Josh from Underground Artists, sorting it; the fees are getting better as we grow and we’re really looked after at the parties too, so it’s all good.

You have other forthcoming EP’s due to land on Rawthentic Music and a follow-up on Solardo’s Sola label. Now you have an established sound and forward momentum with release do you feel it’s easier to now find a home for your music with labels being more forthcoming?

Yeah, I would say it’s easier now, and a lot of the time we get labels approaching us – we’re just working on an EP for ANOTR at the moment who we really rate and they got in touch with us asking for music – top guys. This happened with the Rawthentic EP too, Nathan Barato has supported our stuff for a while now and got in touch about the relaunch and asked if we had some bits. It’s a really strong EP from us that one, buzzing for it coming out.

Lastly, and moving onto your guest mix can you talk us through your track selection. Is there any exclusives from the new label?

Yeah of course, we’ve put SCC001 in there and, that’s called Favelas; then we’ve just picked stuff from our collection, some old and some brand new which is how we approach our shows. Not really a fan of playing only new stuff – anyone can go through Beatport and download the latest releases but then sets all end up sounding the same, we have a massive record and digital collection so we like to pick out some older bits to keep things interesting.

Thanks for stopping by guys and all the best with your plans for 2018. Is there anything you would like to add?

Cheers for getting us involved, and be sure to follow us on all the socials!

Vibe Killers – Violator EP is out now on Hot Trax at Beatport


01. Tony Lionni – Found A Place
02. Steve Lawler – Show The Way (Jesse Perez Remix)
03. Italobros – Creole
04. Vibe Killers – Make You Feel
05. Max Chapman & Late Replies – Wassoulou
06. Maya Jane Coles – What They Say (Dyed Soundorom Remix)
07. Hot Since 82 – Yourself
08. Toni Varga – Bridge (Jey Kurmis Remix)
09. Vibe Killers – Turned Up
10. Vibe Killers – Favelas
11. Pawsa – Wet Paint
12. Matthias Meyer – Infinity

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