Video demo of the Behringer 2600 synth

Behringer has released a 20-minute video demo of the upcoming 2600 synth. This updated revision sports a darker design yet maintains the coloured LEDs that separate it from the original ARP 2600. Behringer’s recreation of the iconic synth was built with the help of Rob Keeble from AMSynths.

The video above demonstrates the different features of the 2600 synth: VCO, LFO & Pulse Width Modulation, Vibrato, Filter, Reverb, Envelopes, Sample & Hold, plus a kick drum sound design and general sound demo.

As it stands, we have no information on release date or retail price. What we do know, from Behringer’s track record, is that we can expect this to be sold at a much lower price than the original ARP 2600. Indeed, it may also be much lower than Korg’s recent ARP 2600 rerelease.

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