Video editing platform Generate relaunches with Global Creative Program

Generate announces the release of its latest version, a complete overhaul of its acclaimed photo and video filters app which enables users to incorporate live effects to create unique and new aesthetics for short-form music videos and multimedia content.

With a love of visuals, music, and installation art, the team’s goal was to create a simple tool to open up live effects and artwork to a wider audience. “Organically we saw continued interest in the app, mostly by creatives and musicians, with over half a million users when we decided to rebuild it from scratch. We felt we could craft an updated version in a way that could help Creators produce really next level music videos, artwork and content.” says founder Malcolm Levy. “We also wanted to figure out ways that we could help support creatives and artists during the pandemic.”

The current trends in social media, especially through TikTok, but also through Triller and Instagram Reels, show that short music videos, and creative ways of making them, have become more important than ever. It’s also as important to help to support the artists making them. In Generate you can bring in music from Spotify or iTunes, or import music that artists have been working on as well.

When relaunching over this past summer, in the middle of one of the most challenging times in modern history, the team at Generate took an approach that was representative of their creators, and the indie DIY ethos around them.  The idea was to create a festival, artist program, and ecosystem that culminated in Refraction Festival. The works, made both in Generate and with a multitude of other creative software, reflect the artistic movement that Generate has always been part of. All artists were paid for their works.

Refraction showcased DJ sets, video exhibitions, installations and audiovisual performances from contemporary artists across sound, fashion, visual and digital art. The festival ran entirely online and spanned the globe, with media partners including FACT and Crack Magazine, WorldwideFM, the Art and Music Space Contact in Tokyo, the digital arts and music festival MUTEK. Highlights included work from A$AP Rocky creative director Robert Gallardo, face filter/digital effects artist Elissa Sing (AKA @face.effects), and two Refraction art openings, REFRACTIONS x Well Now WTF and Harddiskmuseum.

On the performance side DJ sets and audiovisual showcases came from the likes of Omar-S, DJ Stingray, Yu Su, Nyege Nyege Tapes, Marcellus Pittman, Hieroglyphic Being, Sapphire Slows, Hitmakerchinx, Amazondotcom, Muqata’a, D. Tiffany and Roza Terenzi, Mathew Jonson, Mood Hut, Akiko Nakiyama, Grey93 and MoMa Ready amongst others.

“At the end of the day, it’s about building ways in which artists best speak with their audiences, and the audiences can become artists themselves in their own way.  We’re really excited to see what the newest generation of Creators make once they start to experiment in Generate, it’s literally conceived of as an open digital palette for creation,” said Levy.

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