VIDEO: LOUISAHHH teams up with French legends The Driver and Electric Rescue

4 years after the acclaimed ‘Misericordia’, which signed the soundtrack of the documentary « Sous le Donjon de Manu Le Malin », two French veterans The Driver (aka Manu Le Malin) and Manu Le Malin team up again as W.LV.S and make a stunning comeback by composing the soundtrack of ‘The Pit’, a poem written by Louisahhh.

Originating as a ferocious techno poem, this collaboration between legendary French duo W.LV.S and techno’s favorite punk, Louisahhh acts as a galvanizing prayer, a dancefloor beacon, a scream into the abyss, a shard of hope.

‘The Pit’ is where we start after a year of being confined, silent, and separate. The pit is where the growth happens.

The poem is one of Louisahhh’s ‘Techno Poem’, a collaborative work featuring other artists for the music. These poems explore mental health, self harm, recovery, relationship and spiritual evolution. ‘The Pit’ works on the healthier side of the spectrum, a kind of ferocious healing hymn.

“The goal was to give the audience a visceral experience of freedom from shame, liberation from the bondage of self. I find this works well on the dance floor. Though it was written a long time ago (around 2017), I find that the roots of the poem hold more true than ever, and are more necessary these days as we hang in a precarious position as it feels like the world is crumbling around us. May this song act as and anchor and a long battle cry, keeping our darkness at bay.”. – Louisahhh

“The Pit” is accompanied by a hypnotic black and white video in which Louisahhh’s face is gradually revealed to the rhythm of the track, chanting this saving poem with poise and determination and merging with the faces of the two producers at the end of the video in a dark universe with glitch and abstract appearances.

Director: DaFF / Video: Lambert Saboureux

Stream / Download here