VIDEO PREMIERE: Multi-instrumentalist producer Lomea shares visuals for “Reach”

Multi-instrumentalist producer and fine artist, Lomea has released the second single, entitled ‘Reach’ (24 May), from Echoes in Bloom, to be released May 31 via Here & Now Recordings. Lomea’s music has been championed by the likes of Nick Luscombe from Late Junction on BBC Radio 3, as well as Nemone from BBC 6 Music’s Nemone Electric Ladyland, Data Transmission and an array of blogs. While this album is self-produced, Lomea has worked with David Baron, most notably known for his work with The Lumineers, Jade Bird, Bat for Lashes, Lenny Kravitz and Shawn Mendes, to name but a few.

Lomea is the experimental electronic project of composer, artist and sound designer Richard Keyworth. Born on the outskirts of south London, he grew up with dreams of being a drummer and lived that dream out by fashioning a makeshift drum kit form whatever he could find around his home. He had classical guitar training as a young boy, from which he moved on to electric guitar. In 2009, he graduated with a first class degree in Music Production from the University of Brighton. While Lomea did not come from a musical family per se, he did grow up around his father’s love for prog rock and his mother’s devotion to Cat Stevens. He says this and the natural environment of his home town helped shape his own musical outlook as well as serve as musical inspiration.

Lomea cites a range of artists, both contemporary and legendary, who have served as inspiration over the years, from Jon Hopkins to Steve Reich. Other influences include Clark, Trentemøller, Opeth, The Field, The Cinematic Orchestra, Sigur Rós, Radiohead, Massive Attack, Jaga Jazzist. The sounds of alt-rock, trip-hop, dream-pop, techno and ambient stylings permeate and intermix. Lomea shapes his unique sound from a blend of analogue and digital electronic sound sources, field recordings and manipulated organic instruments.

The album features ten full instrumental songs, complex compositions with enough space to breath. A highlight of the release has to be Lomea’s rich, organic guitar playing. Demonstrating his deep understanding of melody and intricate time signatures, he threads their union with synth-wave silk.

Cascading acoustic guitars flow in as ‘Reach’ opens, an exhibition of Lomea’s technical guitar ability. A distant bassline creeps in underneath the layers of delicate picking before the track breaks into infectious percussion, textured synths and off-kilter hits attacking from all angles. Near the halfway mark, the track descends into a passage of unrelenting kicks, tribal drums, crisp claps and glacial synths. It feels like a free-fall through the darkness until we finally emerge into the light, floating on the spacious, cold synths that expand outwards and ease us into a body of silence.

When speaking about the song, Lomea said, “This came about one afternoon almost accidentally. Originally there was going to be the tuned kick drum playing a ‘melodic’ bass line but I mis-dialled the pitch knob on the synth and it played a note I wasn’t expecting which threw the track onto a different course altogether. After that, all the big reverbed synth stuff came really naturally. There’s a lot packed into a short length with this track, one reason I’m really proud of it.”

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