Anthony Pappa exclusive guest mix, Melbourne

Decoded has re-launched its much lauded full 360 Creative Agency – Decoded Creative. A platform for artists, labels, DJs, venues and promoters to utilise a service to compliment their business and branding.

The music industry is a fickle, complex and sometimes daunting environment to be an artist. How do you engage effectively on Social Media without paying a fortune to Facebook, how much should you pay for a website, what features should it have, where to start on writing a press release through to how do you even write a proper biography?

Decoded understands the complexities and needs of the music and entertainment industries, regularly working with promoters, press agencies, artists and venues each week to create bespoke creative campaigns, custom websites, social media strategies, graphic design and advising on best marketing practises.

Utilising a collective of industry digital marketing experts, graphic designers, website developers, social media gurus, app developers, journalists, video content creators and campaign managers, Decoded Creative aims to be an affordable full service 360 agency dedicated to creating unique, tailored made creative solutions for the music, hospitality and entertainment industries.

In a showcase video, we invited iconic artist Anthony Pappa to provide an exclusive guest mix with our curated video concept, available now for artists, DJs and labels.

Each video uses licensed 4k video, matched to the artist requirements and synced to the supplied music. We are able to tailor video for album launches, single releases, event promotions and more.

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