AVA X Red Bull Presents Max Cooper live A/V at Carlisle Church, Belfast

The homecoming performance for Max Cooper was filmed live in Belfast at Carlisle Church in collaboration with AVA Festival, Red Bull and The Arts Council Northern Ireland.

This recording is the first electronic performance in the 145-year-old venue, marking a special occasion for the city. On the edge of inner-city Belfast, Carlisle Memorial Church was built in 1875 in a distinctive neo-gothic style, highlighting Belfast’s impressive architectural legacy.

“It’s a beautiful space inside the old restored Carlisle Church in Belfast. My main aim was to try and complement the structure with my music and visual projections, framing the imagery around the architecture, and trying to put together something musically and visually to match. I brought along a semi-transparent gauze screen to sit in front of me, so I could alternate between a high-res uninterrupted image and the broken imagery across the church, as well as blend them together. We also added strobes to further highlight the built structure for some peaks. Then I just had some fun with it. Massive thanks to everyone at AVA festival for coming up with the idea to do this and to AVA the partners for making it happen.” – Max Cooper

AVA Festival – http://www.avafestival.com
Max Cooper – http://www.maxcooper.net
Red Bull – http://www.redbull.com
Arts Council Northern Ireland – http://www.artscouncil-ni.org

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01. Jim Wallis – Europa – Max Cooper Remix / Video by Julius Horsthuis 00:00
02. Max Cooper – Repetition / Video by Kevin McGloughlin 05:40
03. Max Cooper – Transcendental Tree Map / Video by Martin Krzywinski and Nick Cobby 11:24
04. Max Cooper – Waves / Video by Kevin McGloughlin 18:11
05. Vessels – Everyone is Falling – Max Cooper Remix / Video by Kevin McGloughlin 23:07
06. Max Cooper – Molten Landscapes / Video by Cornus Ammonis and Morgan Beringer 28:40
07. Max Cooper – Origins / Video by RabbitHole and BlackBox 33.40
08. Max Cooper – Spike / Video by Yoshi Sodeoka 37:56
09. Nick Warren – Devil’s Elbow – Max Cooper Remix / Video by Andy Lomas 42:58
10. Max Cooper and Satirist – Grit / Video by Andy Lomas 50:03
11. Max Cooper – Order from Chaos / Video by Maxime Causeret 54:40
12. Boards of Canada – Dayvan Cowboy + Rockwell – Full Circle + Cirrus – Shiver Shrapnel – Woulg Remix / Video by Paul Bloomfield 59:51
13. Max Cooper – Glitch Jam / Video by Paraic McGloughlin 1:04:28
14. Henry Green – Realign – Max Cooper remix / Video by Kevin McGloughlin 1:08:14
15. Max Cooper – Swarm / Video by Kevin McGloughlin and Paraic McGloughlin 1:12:53