Bob Moses – Falling Into Focus (Live Concert Film)

Born and bred in Brooklyn, New York but with roots in Vancouver, Canada, the history of Bob Moses is as curious as the cool house music duo’s name.

Members Jimmy Vallance and Tom Howie knew one another from the Vancouver high school they both attended and were drawn together thanks to a shared love of pop-punk bands like Rancid and Green Day. Adulthood found them both in Brooklyn, with Vallance recording Berlin-styled techno while Howie worked in the realm of the singer/songwriter. Both felt musically stuck and hungered for something new, a problem solved by the simple union of their styles, which created something cool and decidedly “post-club.” Named after the urban planner who designed the modern New York City, they became Bob Moses and joined the Scissor & Thread label in 2012

Directed By Owen Brown Director of Photography Bill Kirstein Produced By CTRL5 Producers Geoff Barnett Owen Brown Rebecca Berrih Additional Photography Senda Bonnet Lighting Design Will Chandler Editors AJ Schortman Jeb Hardwick Sound Recording Engineer Allan Bates Colored By Jeb Hardwick Lead Drone Operator Will Orantes Drone Operators Travis Rush Andrew Kraus Jonathan McDermott Steadicam Operator William Walsh 1st AC Garret Jatsek Joshua Montiel Grip Chris Rendleman Erik Nelson Key PA Sebastien Cippola Graphics Alexandra Petrenko Art Director Ky Polanco VFX Patrick Jean PA Nick Kane Alexander Tran Chloe Henderson Anthony Benitez Thomas Lynch DIT Ricardo Lozano

00:00 1. Love We Found

07:06 2. The Blame

13:39 3. Desire

19:31 4. Hold Me Up

21:55 5. Outlier

26:43 6. Ordinary Day

32:08 7. Heaven Only Knows

37:59 8. Talk

44:47 9. Back Down

48:55 10. All I Want

55:01 11. Tearing Me Up

01:02:39 12. Enough To Believe