Bob Moses live at Griffith Observatory in Los Angeles

Bob Moses playing an exclusive live set from Griffith Observatory, in Los Angeles for Cercle

Born and bred in Brooklyn, New York but with roots in Vancouver, Canada, the history of Bob Moses is as curious as the cool house music duo’s name.

Members Jimmy Vallance and Tom Howie knew one another from the Vancouver high school they both attended and were drawn together thanks to a shared love of pop-punk bands like Rancid and Green Day. Adulthood found them both in Brooklyn, with Vallance recording Berlin-styled techno while Howie worked in the realm of the singer/songwriter.

Both felt musically stuck and hungered for something new, a problem solved by the simple union of their styles, which created something cool and decidedly “post-club.” Named after the urban planner who designed the modern New York City, they became Bob Moses and joined the Scissor & Thread label in 2012 with the EP Hand to Hold. The Far from the Tree EP followed on the label in 2013, then a year later the group released the First to Cry EP on Domino. In 2015, the label gathered up all the duo’s early EPs for the compilation All in All and also released their debut album, Days Gone By.

Video credits: Artist: Bob Moses Venue: Griffith Observatory, in Los Angeles, United States Produced by Cercle Executive producers: Philippe Tuchmann & Derek Barbolla Film directed by: Pol Souchier & Derek Barbolla Director of photography: Mathieu Glissant Cameraman: Mickaël Fidjili Drone pilots: Alexander Kavanagh, Hugo Bordes, Matt Feige, Ed Delahunty FPV drone: Mike Bishop Sound Engineer: David Gaumé Sound mastering: Antoine Guest Production team: Anaïs De Framond, Dan Aufsesser, Armand Prouhèze Communication: Pol Souchier & Bérénice Saïag Design: Anaëlle Rouquette Technical Manager: Aurélien Moisan Chief Financial Officer: Andy Cheremond Post-production: Mathieu Glissant (Saison Unique Production) Behind the scenes : Tommy Lunberg & Kyle Huber Photographer : Mike Lindle