Recondite playing SpringFestival Graz at Dachstein Glacier, Austria

The German producer, Recondite performs an exclusive live set in perfect synch with the natural beauty of Dachstein Glacier hosting SpringFestival Graz 2020 Livestream edition.

Recondite (born Lorenz Brunner in Lower Bavaria) is a German musician, techno producer, label owner and sound artist. Recondite’s diversity of appearances is reflected by releases on various labels such as Dystopian and Innervisions. These are driven by different variations of electronic music, but at the same time characterized by Brunner’s own sound. Recondite performs live and is known for his sets adapted to the prevailing mood of the audience as well as to the divergent local conditions.

His musical style is attributed as ambient, deep house, and techno. In fact, his musical output blurs the boundaries between these categories. We hope you enjoy this exclusive live set as much as we do.