STOOR live in Paradiso – ADE 2022

Kick back with over 6 hours of Dasha Rush x Rod20 x Rødhåd x Surgeon x Speedy J live in Paradiso at the 2022 Amsterdam Dance Event

Stage design: Karl Klomp

Live video artists: Dirty Brown Visuals, Emanuel Nijkerk

Camera operator and video editor: Leon van Engelen

The city of Rotterdam, a cultural interchange that is home to some of the world’s most cutting-edge architectural projects, has also been a home base for some of the seminal artists to have defined the terrain of electronic music. It has become a highly reliable forum for audio experimentation, with all the human and technological resources necessary for artists to reach that ‘next phase’ in their creative development.

In very much the same spirit, a new sonic lab complex, STOOR – located in a basement space formerly used as a government testing agency and as a fallout shelter – has opened within the heart of Rotterdam. This generously reinforced space, open 24/7 and with no stylistic limitations placed on its guests, will be available to intrepid electronic producers (novice and veteran alike). Whether visitors arrive with plans for mixing, post-production, or building new works from scratch, this environment will provide them an unparalleled opportunity to ‘stretch out’ creatively; to peel back any lingering inhibitions and to therefore discover aspects of their sonic approach that they have not fully explored before.

Specifically designed to encourage improvisation and expressive surprises, STOOR features a number of distinct elements that are unique not just to the Netherlands, but to the entirety of international electronic music culture. It offers an unparalleled selection of music-making tools, housing a number of highly rare vintage pieces as well as modern standbys – that is to say, everything from classic keyboard synths to the newest and most advanced modular systems. Coupled with the labs’ round-the-clock nature, the lack of a “pre-set” configuration for the tools on hand allows artists a greater role in the design of their own workspace, and will lead to a fluid sense of interaction between multiple producers working within the same confines.