Vision Street Wear celebrates it’s 45th anniversary

Vision Street Wear has unveiled a brand-new capsule celebrating the 45 years that the label has been around. Dubbed “Legends Never Die,” the brand has offered a concise series of graphic T-shirts and pants boldly stamped with the label’s logos.

One noteworthy piece is a graphic tee emblazoned with a circular motif of the label’s logo. “VISION” branding appears at the top of the print, colored in green in contrast to the rest of the white print. Another highlight is a black T-shirt that features a multi-colored image of an abstract portrait. Other garments like a black long-sleeve with the label’s signature logo and black pants stamped with “VISION” branding round off the concise lineup.

Vision Street Wear’s new 2021 capsule is currently available on the label’s website, ranging from $32 – $80 USD.