The 2-In-1 Music Pill is an innovative take on the earbuds and a Bluetooth speaker

Whether you’re listening to classical jazz or techno, music has been shown to have a profound impact on our mood; so, it’s only natural that we want to share our happiness with others. Luckily, Vissles has answered the call, offering buyers an interesting Two-In-One Music Pill that bridges the gap between private listening, and public partying.

The Two-In-One Music Pill is an innovative take on the wireless audio industry’s most prolific products, pairing a set of high-fidelity earbuds with a powerful Bluetooth speaker. The result? A versatile device that allows you to immerse yourself in your favorite tunes via a pair of high-end plugs, or share them with others at the touch of a button. Listeners will have access to a full range of intuitive touch controls, full voice assistant integration, and reliable Bluetooth capabilities to take their audio-oriented habits to new heights. When you’re tired of listening, place the earbuds back into their proprietary charging case/Bluetooth speaker to keep your battery topped off, and take the music to the streets with strong bass, accurate mids, and crisp treble. Head to Vissles’ website for more information.

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Ian French
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