Vivrant and Jeremy Olander announce producer camp at remote tree house

The creative process of artists has intrigued humanity since the beginning of time. What does it take to make a global club hit? What happens if you place five creators in a remote treehouse in the north of Sweden for four days and four nights with no distractions and the sole mission to create the club soundtrack for the post-pandemic world? 

Vivrant Winter Camp aims to answer these questions. International DJ, producer, Vivrant label founder, and project initiator Jeremy Olander explains:

“Without being able to tour and connect with people, we tried to think of an experience for our artists and fans that we haven’t done before and works with the current state of the world. The process of making music is one fans usually aren’t privy to. We want to change that and bring them along for the ride so they can follow us on the creative journey of making the music we put out on Vivrant. From the studio, or treehouse in this case, to the club.”    

The Vivrant Winter Camp, scheduled for March 10th through 14th, can most accurately be described as a socio-creative experiment that takes some of electronic music’s most revered producers, vocalists and writers and puts them in a remote location, and welcomes all their fans along for the ride via social media. Through Instagram Live Q&A sessions with the artists, live-streamed daily production sessions from two studios and a DJ stream with all participating artists, fans will be able to come along for the creative journey of music-making, connect with the artists, and share their feedback in real-time. 

Daniel Bengtsdahl, Brand Manager at Jägermeister, explains, “Partnering with Jeremy on this was a given for us. Vivrant Winter Camp is a perfect marriage with what we’re trying to accomplish with Save The Night, and Jägermeister is and has always been deeply rooted in nightlife. To enable people to enjoy the best nights of their lives – now and in the future – is at the core of our brand. Giving back to the people who make nightlife possible is a matter close to our hearts.” 

Liberated from time constraints, everyday chores, financial stress and other distractions brought on by the on-going pandemic, the camp’s mission is to create forward-thinking electronic music that transcends genre, and channels the most powerful force on earth; nature. In unison, the creative prowess of the artist’s together with the inspirational characteristics of the Swedish wildlife will create the soundtrack to humanity’s return to live music. 

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