VONDA7 makes her debut on Sasha’s Last Night On Earth imprint

Artist: VONDA7
Title: Decompression
Label: Last Night On Earth
Released: 20th January 2017
Cat No: LNOE065
Genre: House/Techno

VONDA7’s newest offering is her debut on Sasha’s imprint, Last Night On Earth entitled, ‘Decompression’. The release indicates an array of her talent, that traverses across the genres of electronic dance music and quickly elevates her out of just being known as a Techno producer.

Case in point is the first track of the pack, ‘Away’ which is melodic and a mollified mesh of superb arrangement of electronics that sound glossy, in short. From the trotting bass line to the vocals that would find pride in many Progressive House records of the past. This one is surprising the listener and should work wonders on the dance floor, and I predict it will find favor with DJs no matter which style they play out.

‘Away’ gets the remix treatment by Secondcity who treats the listener to a wood block outer casing and tight dithering innards that explain the influences of his musical background he comes from. His rework chops up and slides the vocals nicely on a jacking groovy line. The bass sputters and clutters the rest of the remix in a good way. There’s an extra bit of old school chug in this version, but then again that original just scores too big for me!

The title track, ‘Decompression’ brings VONDA7’s other face to the proceedings, keeping true to her reputation, this one is meant for peak time fun. In as much it’s a dark, fuming, running against time fare. The swarthy bass and clipped Techno lines just fill the speakers and remain predictable but will do wonders on the floor.

Finishing the pack, ‘Don’t Hesitate’ features a throwback to House with some great old school sounding vibes and a great low end. Lovers of this genre will be falling over themselves for this release. There’s lots of vocals that fuse around the percussive parts, and electronic pads leading you on… as it all fits well in to the package. Great stuff overall, and another solid release from Sasha’s label.

About the Author

Priya is based out of Mumbai and is a DJ/Producer plus contributor to Decoded Magazine, plus hosts her own monthly radio shows in multiple music channels internationally.