Lost & Found enroll the exceptional talents of Berlin based VONDA7

Artist: VONDA7
Title: Tough Enough
Label: Lost & Found
Release Date: 7th October 2016
Genre: Techno

No stranger to Techno and neither the Berlin scene, VONDA7 crash, boom, bangs the speakers in no less than surprise, surprise, Guy J’s Lost & Found outfit. This is an unexpected turn of events in the label’s ethics, that clearly wants to explore other styles of electronic music, and get that going into its strides.

Moving on, I hope I don’t jinx anything by saying this out loud, but one of the nicest things about dance music in recent years has been, not only a steadily rising number of good female DJs and producers but a lack of anyone seeming to think it’s a big deal. One of the canniest of those talents has been the producer in this offering, who accomplishes that weird postmodern trick of making music that is so rooted in a specific time and place it induces sensory throwback for events you weren’t even around for. As it turns out, this is good solid Techno one can imagine from many halcyon nights of yore, yet it also sounds so current.

Case in point as you get hold of the title track, ‘Tough Enough’ it’s easy to get lost (pun intended) in the repeated plummeting bass line that just keeps going and on until god knows where. The slithering vocalism preens alongside the shimmering synth collage, driving further and out to percussion formations that fit things like a glove and there you go one has a peak time hammer that will get any dance floor packed like a hot box.

The label ropes in the weighty production techniques of Pig & Dan who make quick work of taking an original and transforming it into a high-end remix. Their handiwork displays oodles of glossy chug and the synths get kinda ominous, and suddenly you feel slivers of melody slipping in and chunky fiery bass broadens the whole body of the track into something new and special. All of it flares into a carnival for your ears and feet, as spacey keyboard designs take over and you fall in love with this interpretation. Surely, Techno lovers will rejoice at this release and so will the otherwise dreamy imprint.

About the Author

Priya is based out of Mumbai and is a DJ/Producer plus contributor to Decoded Magazine, plus hosts her own monthly radio shows in multiple music channels internationally.