Vujaday Festival set for Barbados April 4th – 8th

In a sea of island oasis parties, Vujaday festival’s launch is an exciting breath of sea breeze air, taking place on the beautiful island of Barbados. With palm covered beaches and unique lush inner oasis venue locations Vujaday promises to be a unique festival experience.

The setting for this musical adventure takes place on an island that is only 34km in length and 23km in width – situated in the north Atlantic just east of the Caribbean Sea. With weather being unpredictable these past two years, festival organizers took into account the location for their next party by choosing an island which is outside the hurricane belt, so you won’t have to worry about any nasty surprises.

The name of the island is derived from the Portuguese world Os Barbados which means “the bearded ones”. The bearded hipsters of the 21st century may also feel a connection to this island of the bearded ones as organic fruit and anti-oxidant rich foods are easy to come by. The average high temperature of 30C and a low of 24C which is more than comfortable for those residing in the Northern US States, Canada and UK. Festival attendees will feel comfortable touring and interacting with locals on the island as English is the primary language, off festival tours and exploring the island solo is considered to be very safe compared to other islands.

Vujaday Lineup Announcement Video from Vujaday Music Festival on Vimeo.

Five events will be running from Wednesday through Sunday with the largest party on Saturday. Events will be spread out through the island at Farley Hill, Holetown, South Beach Zone and on the East and West coast of the island, (which are no more than 23km away from each other). Vujaday was co-founded by Ryan Kruger president of The RKET Group, “The island is brimming with a vivid culture and amazing sights to take in, and we wanted to make sure that the festival format allowed for guests to experience more than just a single location while enjoying music from around the world.” The team involved with Vujaday has been involved in the creation and operation of major Toronto based festivals such as Digital Dreams Music Festival, Electric Island, WEMF and All Day I Dream as well as Further Future taking place in the US.

Party location
Bellevue Plantation
The Tiki Bar
Pirate’s Cove
The Cornwall House

Barbados being a popular tourist destination, there is no shortage of accommodation options such as luxury villas, Airbnb hotels + all-inclusive hotels and Airbnb rentals.

Besides the beautiful views, the opportunity for luxury villa, hotels and rental units – the curation of musical acts has inaugural festival ticket holders extremely excited. The lineup really speaks for itself as scene newcomers, industry heavyweights and label-heads share the spotlight for what is sure to be acoustic bliss on an island oasis.

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