Warm Up Festival announces first names

Warm Up Festival is brought to you by Warm Up, a visionary pillar of the London club and underground rave scene. Prominent names such as Max Cooper, Gui Boratto, Nick Warren, Be Svendsen, Patrice Bäumel, Eelke Kleijn and Township Rebellion lead the charge. Early bird tickets sold out within two weeks of the festival launch in October, ahead of any line-up announcements. More names will also be announced.

For the first edition of Warm Up Festival, founder and resident Aidan Doherty brings together a colourful spectrum of artists who “represent the finest in cutting edge emotive house, techno, progressive and electronica”, he quotes.

Heading up the bill is a legendary producer and all-round musical visionary, Max Cooper. Merging electronic music, visual art and science, Max’s diverse and immersive sets never fail to leave his audiences breathless. Expect a mind-bending journey from beginning to end.
The line up also sees melodic mastermind Gui Boratto play his one and only UK live show of 2020. Heavy hitters like Raxon and Township Rebellion will be turning up the heat in the techno department, while artists such as Be Svendsen and Mira take things deep and hypnotic. Warm Up favourites and long-time supporters of the brand, Dominik Eulberg and Patrice Bäumel, also bring their expressive and melody-driven techno soundscapes to the woods, while Godfather of progressive Nick Warren steps up for a classic sunset session on Saturday evening.

This line-up has been carefully considered and feels very much in tune with the Warm Up brand. Not only does it welcome established names, but also supports emerging talents such as Bebetta and Volen Sentir who are yet to play here in the UK. This UK festival is the first of its kind to begin life as an already established club brand with a flourishing dance community, built on the shoulders of resident DJs Aidan Doherty, Jorge Martins and Gus Emmett. The brand continues to deliver their monthly club shows, as well as their notorious underground raves, for those in the know.

Challenging the norm, they’ve made the inspiring choice to focus on one main stage at the festival, rather than spread the line-up over multiple stages. Taking this approach brings people together and amplifies a sense of oneness, connecting people, rather than separating, something the brand has become well-known for. At the main stage, elevated terraces and structures to climb will invite dancers to become a physical part of the arena, encouraging human interaction and heightening the shared experience for both DJ and dancer alike.

There’s no denying Warm Up Festival’s inaugural year is set to make a big impact for all the right reasons.

Announced names so far A-Z:
Aidan Doherty
Be Svendsen live
Dominik Eulberg
Eelke Kleijn
Gidge live
Groj live
Gui Boratto live
Gus Emmett
Jorge Martins
Nick Warren
Patrice Bäumel
Roy Rosenfeld
Township Rebellion
Volen Sentir

More information and tickets available here

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