Review : The Warriors return to Coney

Artist : Warriors of the Dystotheque
Title: Return to Coney EP
Label : Tigre Fayre
Release : 4th March 2016

Warriors of the Dystotheque are a trans atlantic project from Ireland, New York, France & the UK and have been getting support on BBC Radio 1 and recently made it to BBC 6 Music’s breakfast show. They’ve also had major support for the past 18 months on BBC Ulsters ‘Across The Line’ show and are back on the playlist with this EP. You may also remember their amazing chill out mix and interview from last year.

It’s no coincidence that the EP mirrors the cult classic film The Warriors plot line – a rag tag band of gang members (The Warriors) cross New York heading for Coney Island, and home. The two originals Return to Coney and Escape from Coney are a smorgasbord of nuanced production techniques and dystopian otherworldliness. On first listen you might be forgiven for thinking this is new material from Massive Attack or Morcheeba, I know I did. The languid vocal delivery in Return to Coney marries beautifully to the dark yet inviting soundscape. ‘Escape’ is very different, in that it starts out like guitar driven rock ballad, but quickly morphs into an Ennio Morriconne-esque spaghetti western soundtrack. Such emotion and gravity from a disparate collection of instruments, its simply stunning work.

Return to Coney is the subject for the three remixers, and come from three distinctly differing places. Miauox Miaoux, over the course of seven wonderful minutes, builds a wall of sound so epic, I’m agog just writing about it. Never getting too crazy, they build tension at just the right pace, adding subtle layers along the way and giving the vocal room to breathe in a totally different context to the original.

Attrition takes things in a total new direction with a lazy deep breaks version featuring some insane drum work. Imagine if Attica Blues, Sneaker Pimps and UNKLE had a threeway and you get the idea. The final remix is something of a random amongst the resolutely downtempo and breaks-centric package, Candi Bianca provides a thoughtful and well executed deep tribal progressive re-imagining. Pretty and restrained, the vocal is treated with care and respect, but its the cool outdo section which astounds the most. Breathtaking.