Plattenbank strikes gold once more in the Wastelands

Artist: Lonya
Title: Wastelands
Label: Plattenbank
Release: 20th November 2015
Cat no: BLZ051
Genre: Techno

Tel Aviv’s bank of treasured DJ/Producers are filling dance music in ever increasing speed and one such character not far from mention in that landscape happens to be Lonya. Marking his musicality over floors is not a tough one for this talent. His latest offering – “Wastelands” comes out soon on the ever so special imprint Plattenbank. The track immediately tells a story of vast space, in which one can still feel comfortable and cosy up to make some mean moves like no one’s watching. All the thuds and shudders of the tune lead you in to a cave full of revellers all ready for night time antics, the sweetish melody pulse beckons you deeper in to a healthy clip with a wonky centre bidding you to groove on. The winding circles of discordant notes lift you higher and higher in to a fine sweat and the brassy masculine bass provides that gotta dance throttle. The layering of each element in the track is awesome handiwork by Lonya and shows off oodles of class.

Dutch musician Olivier Weiter shows up on the flip side, with the only remix of the pack, and this one is a languid dubby affair, propelled by a warm, warbling bass, the subtle submerged quality is evident in the tightness of his work. It’s a stripped down version that throws out a bit of synth and percussion as a cover, over hypnotic toodles of electronics, and the musical machinery all meets up perfectly and you give up to this one, with sighs all around. Lonya’s creations remain diverse and then Weiter makes the pack ever so bright with an absolutely fabulous rework on a label that counts.

About the Author

Priya is based out of Mumbai and is a DJ/Producer plus contributor to Decoded Magazine, plus hosts her own monthly radio shows in multiple music channels internationally.