Watch Metro Boomin’s fusion of Hip-Hop and Classical Music at Red Bull Symphonic

Metro Boomin and John Legend at Red Bull Symphonic on Los Angeles, CA, USA on October 26, 2023 // Greg Noire / Red Bull Content Pool // SI202310313318 // Usage for editorial use only //

In an incredible 90-minute performance that left the sold-out Dolby Theatre in Los Angeles spellbound on October 26, 2023, Metro Boomin, the Grammy Award-winning producer and DJ, joined forces with a 43-piece orchestra to reimagine his iconic collaborations with artists like Future, Travis Scott, and others. This exceptional fusion of hip-hop and classical music at Red Bull Symphonic transcended musical boundaries and transported the audience into uncharted territory.

Now, the entire concert experience is available exclusively on the Red Bull 1520 YouTube channel, allowing music enthusiasts from around the world to relive the magic of this groundbreaking performance. Here’s all you need to know:

– Amidst the iconic backdrop of the Dolby Theatre, known for hosting prestigious events like the Oscars, diamond-certified producer, DJ, and artist, Metro Boomin, took the stage on a customised dais positioned 15 feet above the ground.

– American conductor Anthony Parnther, who has been at the helm of symphony orchestras all over the world and recorded with artists such as Rihanna, then led the 43-piece orchestra into “Metro Spider,” a driving single from Metro Boomin’s 2022 album, “Heroes & Villains.” This was just the beginning of an extraordinary musical journey that would span 29 tracks from Metro Boomin’s extensive production catalogue.

– Draped in a sleek black tuxedo and sporting dark shades, Metro Boomin assumed the roles of both maestro and hype man. He seamlessly guided the audience through his musical narrative. His unrelenting energy added an electrifying dimension to the performance, blending the traditional elegance of classical music with the thunderous intensity of Metro Boomin’s signature soundscapes.

– One of the defining features of Metro Boomin’s music that made it particularly suited for orchestral treatment was his frequent incorporation of string and brass sounds in his compositions. This was prominently showcased during the performance of “Am I Dreaming,” a song he composed for the blockbuster 2023 film “Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse.” The orchestra, especially the violinists, added depth and texture to Metro’s already layered composition, elevating it to new heights.

– The rendition of “Am I Dreaming” also marked the introduction of the concert’s first guest, singer Roisee (pronounced Royce). Her emotional and powerful rendition of the song’s chorus, with lyrics like “I’m still fighting,” harmonized seamlessly with the orchestra’s playing, creating a captivating and dramatic atmosphere.

– Another highlight of the evening was the performance of “Calling,” another song from the “Spider-Man” soundtrack, featuring guest appearances by Swae Lee and NAV. Their crooning added a different dimension to the show, offering a moment of tranquillity amidst the high-energy presentation.

– The performance took an unexpected turn when a 15-person choir took the stage, opening with Kanye West’s “Father Stretch My Hands Pt. 1” before being joined by John Legend, a long-time collaborator of Kanye West. The transition to “On Time” showcased Legend’s comforting lyrics, followed by the angelic opera singer, Alexys Tiscareno, whose soaring vocals introduced “Superhero” and marked a powerful climax to another selection from “Heroes & Villains.”

– While Metro Boomin’s newer music took centre stage, the performance also paid tribute to his earlier work. The crowd joyfully sang along to Travis Scott’s 2014 hit “Mamacita,” backed by the orchestra. – Throughout the event, the visual effects, including storm clouds and lightning, enhanced the overall experience. These visuals added an extra layer of intensity to songs like Travis Scott’s “Skyfall” and “Trance,” creating a mesmerizing atmosphere.

– Anthony Parnther and his musicians showcased their remarkable talent, infusing Metro Boomin’s music with a dynamic energy rarely associated with orchestral performances like the spirited rendition of “No Complaints” and the transformation of Travis Scott, Future, and 2 Chainz’s “3500”.

– As the performance reached its zenith with “Mask Off,” Metro Boomin expressed his gratitude to the audience, recognizing their role in shaping the music’s impact. Red Bull Symphonic reimagined Metro Boomin’s music with dramatic and innovative results, celebrating the fusion of hip-hop and classical music and reaffirming the power of music to unite diverse genres and audiences.

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