Watch the iconic and hedonistic “Bar25 – Days Out Of Time” documentary

Wahlkampf Kickoff, 2009-08-13 (Berlin)

“Bar25 – Days Out Of Time” (Bar25 – Tage ausserhalb der Zeit) is a love song to a place in the heart of Berlin that no longer exists. The feature documentary captures the freewheeling lifestyle of music, creativity, individuality, and unflagging energy that transformed a riverside wasteland into a fantasyland along the Spree. Seven years of Bar25 have been captured, from its beginnings to its end – the film allows the audience to enter the backstage of this legendary venue, now world renowned.

In the course of those seven years Bar25 grew into a social sculpture and place of refuge, a home, a party spot, a workplace, a cultural space, a tourist attraction, a spa and a gourmet eatery. It was a place where anything was possible and dreams found their expression, even making it onto the local political agenda.

This story reflects the rapid changes, the German capital is witnessing on a daily basis. It is a time document of young contemporary Berlin culture.

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1. Acid Pauli – I See A Darkness

2. Soil ain’t Solid – 25/7 Mode

3. Oliver Koletzki – Ingwer/Orange

4. Marcus Meinhardt – Endjoy

5. Nu – We love the Sun

6. Sascha Braemer, Niconé – Thänk You

7. Dirty Doering – I Would

8. Nico Stojan – Ginkhohe

9. Channel X – Deliverance

10. Britta Arnold – You can see me

11. Daniel Dreier & Dale- LaBouf

12. Reecode – Catching the dawn

13. Jake the Rapper – Crazy Paradise

14. Wareika – Bazar

15. Budzillus – Berlin Waltz

16. Kiki Bohemia – Baptism of the dolls

17. Hey O Hansen – If you lovin me

18. Pilocka Krach – Oh Yeah Voll Krass

19. Jahcoozi – Jimmi’s Dad

20. DOP – December 25

21. Lee Jones – Quartet

22. Margaret Dygas – Elsewhere

23. Don Shtone – Shtone Bar Cese

24. Rizzoknor – Thin

25. Beaner – Me Busca

26. Capey Cash – There was a Bar

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