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After the first 2018 video with Lena Willikens, Dekmantel and Grolsch continue their collaboration by presenting their second short documentary in its Selectors series, this time starring Andrew Carthy, better known as Mr. Scruff. Carthy is a meticulous DJ, a craftsman when it comes to the way he prepares for and sets-up a DJ-set and the video profile is a real college for aspiring and arrived artists alike. “If we’re doing a gig, we’ll probably arrive roughly six hours before the venue opens. Meet all the staff, have a look at all the equipment – we’ll set up everything”, Carthy states in the video. It’s just a nudge of the way Carthy expresses himself in his work and approaches life in general. Next to Carthy himself, the video includes friends and family like his partner Andrea Carthy, VJ Jim Dawson, MC Kwasi Asante, Band On The Wall’s manager Laura McCan and engineer Philip Kirby.

Carthy has been a familiar face at the Dekmantel-events. This year he joined in for Dekmantel Festival (closing the Selectors Stage powered by Grolsch) and Dekmantel Selectors’s third edition. It’s no secret that the Dutch label has been admiring Carthy’s unique approach to his work – Carthy is humble, never compromising, always delivering, whether it’s a spot-on track he produced or a set that you wouldn’t hear twice from him. Engineer Philip Kirby, who has been working on his first albums like Keep It Unreal, shares that thought: “Andy’s productions are like his DJ’ing: you can’t really pigeonhole him. As a DJ, he never plays the same set twice. You’ve probably seen him DJ a couple of times – I’ve seen him a hundreds and hundreds of times, and he’ll still jump around genres.”

The documentary shines light on his love for his own drawings and how that shapes him as a person, brings up his monthly resident nights at Band On The Wall named Keep It Unreal (which he has been running for 20 years now), goes in-depth on his influences like Manchester Radio and the many different genres he got into afterwards and shows the outstanding way he prepares, sets-up and takes care of a DJ-set, always seeing communication as key. Carthy:

“You work to feel part of something. At one point you are and it goes well, and you walk away feeling happy, and everybody else does as well. I notice even if the technical people are happy, the crowd is happy, it’s like you’ve treated everyone with respect. You’ve learned something, and you’re not just there to do your thing and leave.”

Selectors documentary series
Every country and every city has its musical heroes – locals who live for music and spend most of their time behind the turntables or in the record store, always digging for that one special record to complete their five-star collection. All energy is invested in their craft that is DJing and sharing the music they have found. These exceptional and passionate DJs have set an example in their communities, inspiring many to dig deeper and share in their love of music. They turn left where others go right. Dekmantel and Grolsch are inspired to take on the challenge of telling their stories in the Selectors documentary series.

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