Alan Fitzpatrick launches new label We Are The Brave

Stamped as one of the most prolific and exciting artists in electronic music, Alan Fitzpatrick continues to level up in 2016. The Brit put on a techno clinic with the release of fabric 87 in April and now continues to push the pace of his development from the underground to the mainstage with a number of fresh, head-turning studio projects and the launch of We Are The Brave.

“We Are The Brave, we do what we want. We do things on our own terms. When we want and how we want. We are in control of our own destiny. We follow our own path. We create. We lead. We achieve. We be who we want to be. We decide what happens next. We Are The Brave!” – Alan Fitzpatrick

The project will have the record label as its hub, embracing a broad range of electronic music, in various formats, from the traditional through to the avant-garde, and featuring contributions from Fitzpatrick and his peers, while the brand will extend beyond this to encompass visual art and a clothing range, designed by Fitzpatrick himself.

alan fitzpatrick decoded 1

At the heart of We Are The Brave is a ballsy, unconventional attitude. Each facet of the project will operate with a freedom to do what it wants when it wants, and how it wants. The only edict being that everything should be about having fun while sharing and celebrating moments, music and memories with fellow believers of the Brave ethos.

Therefore, it’s fitting that We Are The Brave is launched with the release of Fitzpatrick’s own ‘We Do What We Want’, a cut that took on a life of its own after fan videos from Junction 2 and Hideout Festival sparked hysteria among followers on Twitter for the as-then unnamed track.

“We have become obsessed with pigeon-holing everything. Micro-managing our lives. Judging and labelling all before us. Consuming information at insane speeds but understanding less and less. Lapping up the corporate noise as The Man tells us “Do more. Conform. Get in line and wait your turn”. – Alan Fitzpatrick

Finally revealed last weekend during BBC Radio 1’s broadcast of Alan’s set from Hideout, ‘We Do What We Want’ is a euphoric slice of summer rave that’s already showing signs of being his biggest track to date. A music video for the track was shot at Lovebox last weekend and will be released in the coming weeks.

Photo credits: Jimmy Mould/pioneerdjinibiza